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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Sherlock BBC (2010) - Season 4 Finale The Final Problem

Sherlock Season 4 recently aired its high-on-adrenaline finale on BBC, producing a slightly less violent gun-toting blend of Hannibal and Saw where Sherlock gets compelled by his arch-nemesis to choose between the people he loves most. Sherlock and his best buddy Watson comes face to face with one of the deadliest enemies from the past, hell-bent on destroying them. Only, they come to learn of the enemy's existence in the third episode The Lying Detective. If you thought Professor Jim Moriarty was Sherlock's arch-nemesis, wait till you meet Eurus Holmes.

Eurus Holmes - The Sister

That's right, Sherlock and Mycroft has another sibling as you would have realized just like Watson did when Mycroft Holmes exclaims - "Don't be absurd. I am not given to outbursts of brotherly compassion. You know what happened to the other one". Watson's immediate assumption is that Sherlock and Mycroft had another brother. Probably his usage of the words "brotherly affections" may have prevented Watson from considering the alternative. Not to forget Mycroft's occasional reference to the name "Sherrinford" which further reinforces the belief that the name could belong to an important but secret male who is yet to be revealed in the show.

Eurus Holmes
Turns out that the third sibling is their sister Eurus Holmes, who was not only a genius but also intellectually superior to both her brothers right from childhood. Unfortunately, she lacked the compassion and humanity present in normal human beings. Early signs of psychopathy started showing when she drowned Sherlock's beloved "dog" Redbeard and refused to reveal its whereabouts, insisting that the answer was in the cryptic poem that she kept repeating.

Sherlock and Eurus reunion
Finally after burning down their ancestral home, the little girl had to be locked up in a mental asylum. Some years later, Mycroft staged a fire in the asylum and got Eurus shifted to a high-security prison on an island named Sherrinford, an asylum that secretly shelters the very dregs of human society, the most abominable criminals caught and convicted by law. To the world and to their parents, Eurus had died in the fire.

The Fury of the Sister

As Mycroft unwillingly reveals the truth to Sherlock and Watson, fragments of childhood memory starts coming back to Sherlock. He remembers in horror that Redbeard was not his beloved dog but the nickname of his best friend, another little boy who made Eurus so jealous that she decided to get rid of him because her little brother did not play with her.

The many faces of Eurus Holmes
Sherlock had unconsciously rewritten his memory completely erasing Eurus out of it as a childhood coping mechanism but Mycroft gets worried that their sister has returned to town with the sole objective of causing havoc and avenging her abandonment. Just imagine an intensely psychopathic but even more brilliant version of Sherlock prowling around town, posing as different people and fooling both Sherlock and Watson. She disguises as Faith, a serial killer business tycoon's daughter, sending Sherlock chasing after a deadly killer. At the same time, she befriends Watson on a bus and becomes his half-girlfriend until Watson tries to break it off after feeling guilty about cheating his wife. She then disguises as his new psychiatrist and finally shoots him with a tranquilliser when good old Watson has a late realisation that he is being played.

Even as Sherlock, Watson and Mycroft stand in their Baker Street house pondering about the whole Eurus situation, a remote-controlled motion-sensing bomb drone flies into their room and parks itself right in front of them, It is then that Sherlock realizes that he has truly met his match and is more likely to be outwitted by her.

Remote controller drone bomb lands in Baker Street

Sherlock and Watson escape the drone James Bond style

The three men make their dramatic entry into the high-security island of Sherrinford where they have an unforgettable encounter with Eurus Holmes, the non-cannibal female version of Hannibal Lecter in that she can brainwash her victims simply by talking to them. We also get to see Jim Moriarty in several flashback scenes as Mycroft recalls his terrible mistake in presenting Moriarty as a Christmas gift to Eurus few years back.

As Eurus leads Sherlock, Mycroft and Watson through a series of tormenting games, recording of Moriarty keeps mocking them as they are faced with the most difficult choices of their lives. If you remake the Saw movie series with less violence and only guns, you get the last few scenes of The Final Problem where Sherlock is compelled to race against time in order to save Watson before his psychopathic sister can kill his best friend once again.

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