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Sunday, 25 December 2016

Pretty Little Liars (2010) - Top Suspects for A.D. in Season 7

The new version of 'A' is the deadliest among all the past psychos in Pretty Little Liars. He/she identifies as A.D. and is willing to kill more often than the previous one. Unlike 'A', this new psycho claims to hide in plain sight and uses more realistic silicone disguises. A.D. is very likely known to the girls and carries out daring attacks right in the houses of the girls in spite of police protection.

Facts About A.D.

Here are all the things we know about A.D:
  • A.D. is trying to figure out who killed Charlotte. At least, that is how it appears until now. However, he/she seems to hate Alison the most, having already attacked her twice in her own house with the intent to strangle her.
  • He/she could have kidnapped and tortured Hanna, or it could have been Noel Kahn because Hanna seemed to recognise Noel's farm as the place where she was held captive, unless A.D. used his farm without his knowledge.
  • A.D knew what Jenna and Noel Kahn were up to, as he/she was present at the abandoned venue where they planned to trap and kill the girls.
  • Jenna and Sara Harvey were both scared of A.D. which means the pretty little liars were not A.D's only targets.
  • In all probability, A.D. killed Sara Harvey in the shower and made it look like an accident.
  • A.D. likes to wear rubber masks, a trait similar to Archer Dunhill, so maybe he/she could be related to the guy in some way.
  • The old wrinkled bell-boy at the Radley hotel was a thin and short person, while the cop who attacked Alison was taller. Both were people in disguise but they were not the same people, which means A.D. was the cop in disguise and the bell-boy was an accomplice.
  • A.D. removed Jessica's secret files on Noel and Aria, but burnt only Noel's file. Were A.D. and Noel working together before having a fallout? Why keep Aria's file, unless there is something big to be revealed about her past? Or was A.D trying to protect Aria by stealing her file?
  • A.D. also shot Spencer and kidnapped Jenna at the end of Season 7A.

Who is not A.D? 

There are some people who can be ruled out as A.D. It is not any of our usual suspects:
  • Mary Drake - She is Spencer's mother and couldn't have shot her own daughter
  • The pretty little liars - All 5 girls including Alison were trying to trap A.D.
  • Jenna and Noel Kahn - They were working together with Elliot Rollins to take revenge on the girls. particularly Alison, whom they held responsible for Charlotte's death. But Noel got beheaded due to a misplaced fall and Jenna was abducted by A.D. That rules them out the dead guy and the blind girl.
  • Elliot Rollins aka Archer Dunhill - The guy had been dead and buried for a few weeks. While dead man rising from the grave is not an uncommon phenomenon in Pretty Little Liars, this time the girls made certain that Elliot's body was still lying in its burial spot. One more dead guy ruled out.
  • Ezra Fitz - As much as he is a jerk for abandoning Aria before their wedding and rushing to Nicole, he is definitely not A.D. The live telecast from Columbia proved that Ezra was too busy reuniting with Nicole in Columbia.
  • Toby - He tried to get away from town with his fiance Yvonne and somehow his truck collided with a tree, probably another doing of A.D. or even Mary, someone who didn't want Spencer's heart to be broken due to Toby leaving town for good.
  • Caleb - He is the hacker guy bold enough to drive a virus into 'A.D.'s computer, but he would never hurt Hanna under any circumstances. 
  • Melissa - Spencer's sister does tend to do suspicious things and turns up at the wrong place at the wrong time. But she is too over-protective of Spencer and would never shoot her.

Then Who is A.D?

Now that we have ruled out the people who cannot be A.D., it has to be someone we already know well, someone who has appeared on the show several times and continues to be alive. A.D may even be someone close to one or more of the pretty little liars.

Mona - Hacker, Original A, Hanna's ex-BFF, Present Ally

Mona always appears whenever and wherever least expected. Anything goes wrong in Pretty Little Liars, we find Mona in the scene. She always stays close to the liars and becomes part of their grand plans to take A.D. down. She appears on the scene after the girls hit Elliot Rollins with their car and even gets the windshield fixed. She spies on Sara Harvey and Mary Drake along with Caleb. Not unusual for psychopaths to inject themselves into the lives of people or groups they are targeting.

Mona Vanderwaal - the original 'A'

While Mona may or may not have killed Charlotte, she certainly had every reason to want her dead. The big 'A' aka Charlotte had tortured her for several weeks, longer than the 3 weeks of torture that the other liars endured. If Mona knew about Noel Kahn and Jenna helping out Charlotte, she would be motivated to hurt them as well.

She made a call to Charlotte from the Two Crows diner on the night of Charlotte's murder, which clearly shows her intention to lure the ex-psycho out of the house. We know Mona too well to believe that she simply wanted to confront Charlotte about her past sins. No, Mona is vengeful and has a strong sense of justice and prosecution. She didn't hesitate to run down her best friend Hanna with a car in the earlier seasons, so no, she would not hesitate to destroy her torturer and tormentor.

Mona did use Ali Dee as her fake name on the fake ID she used to get in and out of Radley. It is a big coincidence that the name has the exact initials used by the latest psychopath. Maybe Mona is trying to take back the 'A' game, after all, she will always remain the original 'A'.

Mona approached Spencer after she got fired from Yvonne's mother's election campaign and begged Spencer to hire her for Veronica's campaign. The next thing we know, someone from Veronica's office leaked medical records of Yvonne to the media, a dirty move for which Caleb took the fall to save Spencer from Veronica's accusations. Now we all know too well how Mona is one of the best hackers on Pretty Little Liars, if not better than Caleb himself.

The masked bell-boy at Radley Hotel

Mona is short and thin, therefore matching the stature of the bell-boy at the Radley Hotel. So she could easily be A.D.'s accomplice, which would mean A.D. never wanted to avenge Charlotte's death, else Mona would never be helping him.

Wren  - doctor, Casanova, ex-fiance of Melissa

Wren Kingston, the psychiatric doctor and Melissa's ex-boyfriend has been missing from Pretty Little Liars for a long time now. The last we heard of him was when Hanna ran into Melissa in Paris and got to know that Charlotte had called up Wren and disclosed something shocking about Melissa, possibly her role in burying what she thought was a dead Alison. This made Wren break up with Melissa and fly back to the US.

Wren Kingston - the charming doctor

If was never clear if Wren came back to Rosewood or if he joined forces with Charlotte. But we do know that Wren is a shady character. He tried to get involved with both Spencer and Hanna while his on-and-off relationship with Melissa was still not over.

At the end of Season 4, we were shown something that was never explained later. The gloved hands of 'A' were shown organising a bunch of medical prescription pads with Wren's name printed on them. Of course, 'A' being 'A' steals things from others to exploit them later. But 'A' is often shown to look at medical records, x-rays and other stuff which would only be fully understood by a doctor. Who else is a doctor on Pretty Little Liars other than Archer Dunhill aka Elliot Rollins who turned out to be a fraud? You guessed it right, Wren Kingston!!

'A' with Wren's prescription pads

Wren may or may not reappear on the scene in Season 7B but do we keep hearing references of him once in a while, so that still keeps the options open. Plus he always had a strong Radley connection and as we all know from Pretty Little Liars, everything leads back to Radley.

Jason - brother, ex-member of NAT club, ex-stoner, disappears frequently

This is the man most likely to be A.D. assuming that A.D. is a man. When Spencer found the old video tapes playing in 'A's den showing a younger Jessica with her three children Jason, Charles and Alison, Charles had sneaked in behind Spencer. While Charlotte turned out to be Charles later on, the masked figure who stood behind Spencer that night was definitely not a woman, at least not Charlotte because the figure was taller than Spencer. So while Charlotte could have been 'A', that masked guy could have easily been someone else attached to the DiLaurentis family.

Jason DiLaurentis - mysterious, super-sexy and potential stalker

A.D. was seen stealing Noel and Aria's files that Jessica had kept in her storm cellar. Obviously the thief had more interest in Aria than in the other girls. Flashback shows that Aria and Jason had a brief affair before Aria accepted a job in Boston. At the time, Jason seemed deeply affected by the fact that Aria simply treated it as a brief fling and nothing more. But his interest in Aria dates back to the early seasons when Jason was found developing Aria's closeup shots taken without her knowledge, while she was still dating Ezra. Jason had both motive as well as opportunity to stalk his love interest and terrorise her.

Aria and her Jason fantasies, which turns into reality

Remember that Jason is the only surviving male member of the NAT club, with Ian and Garrett dead several seasons back. The club would film girls changing clothes and other creepy stuff, a secret that Alison always held over Jason's head after she found out. So Jason had been into creepy activities right from the beginning of Pretty Little Liars and it would be no surprise if he had finally decided to step up his game.

Jason would go conveniently missing from the scene for several months and even a whole season, either he was in Ethiopia or in some rehabilitation centre, or generally out of Rosewood. The one thing we know for sure is that A.D. is a rich person with fine taste, someone who can afford all the hi-tech gadgets, dens with surveillance equipment and premium quality drinks. Jason is a rich guy with a big family fortune who walks in and out of Rosewood as he pleases, his whereabouts hardly known to his own sister Alison. He is definitely the perfect person to carry out secret surveillance on the girls and their friends.

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