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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Game of Thrones (2011) - Top 5 Stupidest Characters on the Hit TV Fantasy

Game of Thrones, the hit TV fantasy series running on HBO, teaches us several important life lessons, through the painfully dumb mistakes committed by some of its main characters. Let us look at these characters, their mistakes and the lessons learnt - by others, not by them, they never really learnt anything.
NOTE: Tyrion LannisterPetyr Baelish and Lord Varys are the only people who haven't done anything god-awfully stupid yet.

1. Ned Stark - Honourable and Stupid

Ned Stark's stupidity rooted from his sense of honour and integrity. He just did not realise that it is honour that would get him killed one day.

Stupidity 1

Ned Stark trusts the one person who explicitly warns him of not being trustworthy. Remember Petyr Baelish's warning "distrusting me was the wisest thing you have done since you climbed off your horse". What does Ned do? He trusts him anyway. Blame it on reverse psychology.

Stupidity 2

Ned learns his enemy's darkest secret, and then goes and tells them of his plans of retaliation. After discovering that all three of Queen Cersei's children were fathered by her twin brother Jamie, he warns Cersei that he will inform King Robert of her incest.

He pays no heed even after Cersei tells him "when you play the game of thrones, you either win or you die, there is no middle ground."

Stupidity 3

He continues to trusts his wife's disgruntled ex-lover Petyr Baelish and shares his plan of treason with him. He even asks Petyr to provide him help of the Kingsguards to capture the "king". Who can beat such a genius plan?

Stupidity 4

Ned investigates the suspected murder of the previous Hand of the King, Jon Arryn, by doing the exact same things John did before he was killed. He goes to the blacksmith to track down King Robert's bastard son. After that, he borrows a book on royal lineage from Grandmaster Pycelle, the same book Jon Arryn had borrowed before he was killed.

2. Catelyn Stark - Impulsive and Stupid

Catelyn Stark's stupidity rooted from a delusional character and probably an inflated sense of her intelligence. There is really no other excuse why she would go so much out of her way to take the worst decisions possible.
Catelyn Stark

Stupidity 1

She captures the only decent and kind Lannister for a crime he did not commit, based purely on a letter from her unstable and jealous sister Lysa Arryn who writes to her "don't trust the Lannisters". Somehow, Catelyn interprets it as "don't trust Tyrion Lannister, the Imp". 

Catelyn's actions trigger Jamie Lannister to attack Ned Stark and his men, triggering a chain of events which eventually started the war.

Stupidity 2

She believes that her disgruntled ex-lover Petyr Baelish would actually help her husband Ned Stark in committing treason against the royal family. She even pushes Ned to trust Petyr who is known for his shrewdness and political game.

Stupidity 3

She releases Jamie Lannister, the most important prisoner of war and the only leverage her son Robb Stark had against the Lannisters - solely based on Jamie's promise to release her daughters Sansa and Arya from King's Landing.

Stupidity 4

Catelyn actually expects that Jamie, known as the "king slayer" and "oath breaker" for betraying his previous king, would actually keep his promise. It is a completely different matter that Jamie transforms later and tries to honour his promise.

3. Robert Baratheon - Drunkard and Stupid

King Robert Baratheon's stupidity came from his intense laziness and extreme smugness, wasting away most of his days drinking and whoring.

Robert eats, drinks and whores

Cersei and Jamie continue their sibling love

Stupidity 1

Robert was the "King of the Seven Kingdoms" and the "Protector of the Realm". Unfortunately, he couldn't protect himself from a wild boar. Why - because he drank too much on his hunting trip and was not fast enough to move out of the way. This same man had once rebelled against the Mad King and had usurped the throne from the deadly Targaryens. What a shame for someone who had been such a fierce warrior.

Stupidity 2

For seventeen years, Robert did not realize that Queen Cersei and Jamie Lannister were having their incestuous relationship right under his nose! How could he not see it? What is worse - all the three children had golden hair like the Lannisters, not even one possessed black or blackish hair like the Baratheons. He still did not suspect a thing.

Robert was the "King of the Seven Kingdoms" and the "Protector of the Realm". Unfortunately, he couldn't protect himself from a wild boar. Why - because he drank too much on his hunting trip and was not fast enough to move out of the way. This same man had once rebelled against the Mad King and had usurped the throne from the deadly Targaryens. What a shame for someone who had been such a fierce warrior.

4. Robb Stark - Honourable, Pays for Love

Rob Stark was an otherwise honourable and courageous son of Ned and Catelyn Stark, who stopped thinking straight after he fell in love with Talisa, the woman he met during war and married, thus breaking his promise to wed Walder Frey's daughter.

Stupidity 1

Robb betrays his promise to the vindictive Lord Walder Frey, in spite of getting warned by his mother Catelyn that Frey is a nasty old man and won't forgive him easily.

Okay, all is fair in love and war. As a future king of the North, he made a terrible mistake by dishonouring his word during times of crisis.

Stupidity 2

Later, Robb commits an even bigger mistake by trying to make amends with Walder Frey. Not just that, he takes his old mother and pregnant wife with him to the Red Wedding, where all of them get killed by the Boltons.
Here is the lesson learnt - once you piss off a vicious enemy, just steer clear off him and DONT take your family to his home.

Stupidity 3

Robb allows his friend Theon Greyjoy, who was taken hostage by the Starks, to go to his home in the Iron Islands with the promise that he would return with an army. Once again, Robb refuses to listen to his mother's warning.
While Theon isn't a terribly evil guy, his need for approval from his father drives him to betray the Starks. He decides to choose family over loyalty to his friend, something not entirely unnatural, and marches down to capture Winterfell.

Robb's refusal to heed Catelyn's warning once again causes great harm to the Starks, forcing Bran and Rickon to escape with Osha, the wildling girl. While love and trust are great qualities, showing it to the wrong people at the wrong time costs Robb his family, his kingdom and even his own life. 

5. Viserys Targaryen - Mean, Powerhungry, Stupid

Viserys was a mean, pompous and egotistic jack*** with no sense of honour or love for his own family. He was brainless, lacked all leadership qualities and believed that he was entitled to the throne by right.

Stupidity 1

He offers his younger sister Daenarys as a bride to Khal Drogo, the Dothraki head, in return for an army to usurp the throne of Westeros. But when Daenarys wins the acceptance of the Dothraki tribe, he gets resentful and jealous sensing that he is losing his importance.
His impatience gets the better off him and he threatens his pregnant sister in front of Khal Drogo and the entire tribe. Drogo rewards him by pouring searing hot liquid gold on his head, killing him instantly. Here is the lesson learnt - you do not confront an army of savages and threaten to kill their leader's unborn son.

Honorary Mentions

  • Tywin Lannister - for raving about family honour while being completely ignorant of his son and daughter's relationship.
  • Jamie Lannister - for thinking that he could smooth-talk his way out of the enemy's camp and show off to Brienne, resulting in his hand getting chopped off.
  • Lysa Arryn - for thinking that Petyr Baelish actually loved her, while he was risking everything for Sansa Stark.
  • Cersei Lannister - for giving unlimited power to the High Sparrow, leading to her own imprisonment and walk of shame.
  • Stannis Baratheon - for trusting Melissandre blindly and agreeing to sacrifice his own daughter in the hope of pleasing the Lord of Light.
  • Jon Snow - for truly "knowing nothing". He should have just stayed in the cave with Ygritte, instead of bringing the Wildings to the Wall, thus triggering the betrayal of his own men.

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