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Monday, 15 August 2016

Pretty Little Liars (2010) - Top 8 Reasons Spencer Killed Charlotte

The entire theory is based on analysis of several events revolving around Spencer and you may find it a little twisted if Spencer Hastings happens to be your favourite among the pretty little liars. But if you put together all the facts starting from Season 1 to Season 6 of Pretty Little Liars, Spencer is the prime candidate with motive as well as capability to pull off the perfect murder.

Reason #1 - The Radley Connection

Things always lead back to Radley, a point that has been stressed several times throughout the series by Spencer herself. Radley sanitarium is one place in Pretty Little Liars that hides many secrets and where a lot happens in every season.

Radley sanitarium, the place where it all began

Spencer was a patient at Radley for a few months during Season 3, a place that is common to all the 'A's or villains in the series:

  • Mona, the original 'A'
  • Charlotte, the big 'A'
  • Charlotte's friend Bethany who pushed Toby's mother from the roof and then blamed it on her
  • Mary Drake, the supposedly evil twin of Jessica DiLaurentis
  • Dr. Rollins, Charlotte's lover and Mary's partner-in-crime was a doctor at Radley
Season 6 in Pretty Little Liars revealed a couple of dream scenes in which Spencer saw a little girl dance around inside one of the rooms in Radley. When she visited Radley later on, she recollected her dream and felt an inexplicable connection with the little girl, who in all probability was Spencer herself as a child. If this theory is correct, then Spencer could have had a history of mental illness since childhood, a fact that her family members wanted to hide from her, like everything else.

Reason #2 - Smartest and Most Resourceful Liar

Spencer has always been the smartest of the pretty little liars and perhaps the only one to be able to think like 'A'. Throughout each season, she figured out the clues, connected the dots and made the plans. She basically led her friends Hanna, Aria and Emily through every major decision. When Hanna is locked up by A.D. in the barn and tortured with a cattle probe, she even dreams of Spencer urging her to find a way out of the barn, because Spencer is the smart one.

Is Spencer defending herself?

Spencer has the money, the resources and family members with enough influence to shield her from the law. Of course, that doesn't make her Charlotte's murderer but her intellectual and financial advantages certainly makes her the best candidate to pull off the perfect murder.

Reason #3 - History of Drug Abuse and Suspicion Within Family

If you recall, Spencer's own father and sister, Peter and Melissa, were convinced at one point that it was Spencer who had murdered Alison. On the night of Alison's disappearance, Spencer and Alison had a huge argument and Melissa saw Spencer follow Alison carrying a spade in her hand. Later, when she found Alison's body, she was convinced that it was Spencer's doing and buried Alison to cover up her sister's crime, not knowing that Alison was still alive.

Melissa defends her action of burying Bethany to protect Spencer

Peter and Melissa hid the whole thing from Spencer. They clearly thought that she was capable of murder and that she had no recollection of her actions, possibly due to split personality disorder. Her mother Veronica became paranoid at one point that Spencer needed serious help when she was caught stealing medicine from the cabinet.

Reason #4 - Melissa's Confession

During the five years that the pretty little liars spent apart from each other, Hanna ran into Melissa one time in Paris. When Hanna asked about Wren, Melissa disclosed that Wren broke up with her after 'A' sent him evidence of her role in Bethany's murder.

Melissa's confession to Spencer

Now recall that Spencer was the only one who had the recorded tape of Melissa admitting to burying Alison. What if she had sent the tape to Wren? She had always been attracted to Wren and they even had a brief affair.

Reason #5 - The Murder Weapon

According to police reports, Charlotte was killed with a hollow rectangular metal rod resembling that of a suitcase. Spencer later found Melissa's suitcase handling missing and Melissa claimed that it was broken. Unless Melissa is the killer, which is unlikely, Spencer is the only person who had easy access to Melissa's suitcase, other than Peter and Veronica Hastings.

Murder weapon or a simply a broken handle?

It's not impossible that Spencer decided to grab the first heavy tool she found at hand and rushed out to punish the psychotic stalker who had terrorised her and her friends for years, only to let out scot-free after medical treatment. On the other hand however, Spencer is too clever to use her sister's suitcase handle as a murder weapon.

Reason #6 - The College Essay

A glaring red flag in Charlotte's murder was the way she was killed. Spencer realised that the method used was identical to a college essay she had written for her criminology class about a bride getting murdered. She had shown the essay to Ezra one time and she speculated that if Ezra was 'A', he might have misused the essay in order to frame her. Aria, Hanna and Emily got swayed by this theory and readily accused Ezra of Charlotte's murder.

Spencer suspects that Ezra used her essay to commit the crime

Did Spencer create the perfect alibi for herself?

Ifyou think about it, a published crime story is one hell of an alibi for the author and would only help in eliminating Spencer as a suspect, not trap her. By Spencer's own admission, writing a murder mystery to cover up the very crime you are about to commit is a classic Sharon Stone move.

Reason #7 - Quick to Blame Alison

In a recent episode of Pretty Little Liars Season 7, when Emily pushed her friends to rescue Alison from Dr. Rollins, Spencer had a sudden outburst of anger. She declared that Alison was only getting the punishment for the murder she had committed.

Alison at Welby Psychiatric Ward

The girls believed that Alison had killed Charlotte because Emily heard Alison muttering an apology for what she had done. But at the time, Alison was in a state of dementia, so Emily had no clue what she was apologising for. Ezra and Aria thought they saw Alison walk into the church in a red jacket on the night of Charlotte's murder. But both of them were drunk that time.

Ezra and Aria see Alison walk into the church wearing a red jacket

Spencer is usually the first person to question any theory based on hunches and circumstantial evidence. But in this case, she was more than convinced that Alison was Charlotte's killer. It  was definitely unlike her to pin the blame on someone so quickly.

Reason #8 - Mary Had a Second Child

The latest episode of Pretty Little Liars Season 7 brought to light that Mary Drake had a second child in Radley after Charlotte. Jessica was on the board of committee at Radley and had enough power to authorise electric therapy for Mary. If Jessica took Charlotte away from Mary, she probably took her second child too. Who is that child?

Mary Drake's first child Charles DiLaurentis

There are two possibilities Either it is Noel Kahn who stole Mary Drake's medical files from Toby and hid it inside Jenna's lock-box, or it is Spencer who was visited by Mary after she officially moved into Rosewood. I am inclining towards Spencer being the daughter, which makes her Charlotte's sister and hence the "crazy psycho" DNA. There are too many hints that cannot be ignored.

The first thing Mary did after moving to Rosewood is visit the Hastings home. She told Spencer that they had met a long time ago, but she wouldn't remember. Obviously Spencer was a baby a long time ago. Did they meet when Mary gave birth to her? Mary also comments that Spencer's family were excellent secret keepers. Why would the Hastings need to keep Mary a secret from Spencer? We know that Peter Hastings is Jason's real father. Did Jessica hand over Mary's second child to the Hastings family? Did Mary drop by because Spencer was her biological daughter?

Mary Drake making a social call or visiting her biological daughter?

If that is the case, Spencer's adoption is one more deadly secret that Peter and Veronica are hiding from their daughter. This implies that Spencer killed her own sister. However, if Noel Kahn is Mary's second child, then he is back to avenge his sister's murder, which would make him A.D. and not Charlotte's murderer.

Spencer's character is really smart and awesome. I sincerely hope that regardless of whether she killed Charlotte or not, she is not the A.D. that is terrorising her friends. Only Season 7 will unravel whether Spencer has indeed betrayed her friends to such a colossal level or she is really just the victim like the other pretty little liars.

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