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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Scream The TV Series (2015) - Top 5 Suspects for Killer in Season 2

Scream the TV Series revealed Piper Shaw as its killer in Season 1. The crime pod-caster was shot down by Emma and Audrey at the right moment. But as with any Scream franchise, the killer keeps returning to Lakewood in the form of another mad person out to terrorise Emma, the Sidney Prescott version of the TV series, and her friends. So who is the killer in Season 2?

Emma Duval, the Sidney Prescott of Lakewood

Season 1 hinted that Piper was not the only killer, there was an accomplice who sported the Brandon James mask and attacked Piper and Will Belmont when they visited an abandoned house together. Will got stabbed and kidnapped while Piper remained unharmed for obvious reasons. Now that the killings in Lakewood have started again, the question is who was Piper's accomplice? Or maybe Piper was the accomplice in which case it is the real killer running around creating Saw-style havoc.

Suspect #1 - Kieran Wilcox

Kieran was new in Lakewood when the killings started in Season 1. Maybe he was Brandon James and Daisy aka Maggie's son who returned to take revenge for his real father. That would however make him Emma's half-brother and hence a really twisted love story between them. Or he took up killing in Season 2 in order to punish Emma and her friends whom he held responsible for his father the Sheriff's murder.

The first time Kieran and Emma met

Character summary - sweet and caring boyfriend
  • In Season 1, Kieran got close to Emma very quickly and became her boyfriend after the killer exposed that Will had cheated on her. Later when Emma and Will got back together, Will got kidnapped for the second time and was killed in front of Emma by a horrific Saw-style murder device. Could it be an angry boyfriend punishing her by killing her ex-boyfriend?
  • Kieran hid from Emma that he had previously known Nina, the first girl to get murdered, until Emma confronted Kieran about a bar video in which he was spotted with Nina not long before her murder. This raised a question whether Kieran's friendship with Emma was premeditated.
  • In Season 2, when Emma, Audrey and Noah tried to escape from the killer at the fair grounds, the killer suddenly disappeared and Kieran appeared from nowhere. If he had followed Emma to keep her safe, why lurk around the corner? Note that earlier that night, he tried to stop Emma from joining Noah at the fair grounds.
  • During the tequila episode at the birthday party, Kieran revealed that Eli had a childhood history of stealing a neighbour's dog that turned up dead later. Was that an attempt to make Eli look shady in Emma's eyes? Not an uncommon strategy for killers to try and make others look suspicious.

Suspect #2 - Gustavo Acosta aka Stavo

Stavo is the son of Sheriff Acosta and a new arrival to Lakewood. His hobbies include tracking the Lakewood Six, drawing gory comic strips featuring them and lurking around Brooke.

Stavo Acosta

Character summary - sheriff's son, cartoonist, self-proclaimed expert in drugs
  • Being the sheriff's son, he can freely move around in the police station that gives him the chance to sneak into restricted rooms and access to classified police reports that no commoner has access to. Very convenient for a killer to be able to follow police investigation.
  • He hides a Brandon James mask in his room.
  • He is obsessed with the Lakewood Six and has a weird fetish for drawing gruesome and bloody sketches of the Lakewood Six and other classmates.
  • He is also highly interested in Brooke right from the beginning and it is funny how both her ex-boyfriend Seth Branson and boyfriend-cum-friend Jake Fitzgerald are targeted by the killer.
  • When Brook first got a text message from the killer posing as Jake, and then Audrey got a text from the killer during school lock-down, Stavo was in the vicinity both the times, closely observing them.
  • During Kieran's birthday party, it is Stavo who passed around the tequila shots that went on to make everyone sick and hallucinating.
  • He provided Brook with the information that Miss Lang and Seth Branson were dating, and also encouraged her to kick his ass, clearly knowing that there would soon be an encounter between Brooke and her former lover. Unless the killer has Brooke's phone hacked, Stavo was the only person to be aware of Brooke's plan to trap Branson.

Suspect #3 - Eli Hudson

Eli is Kieran's cousin and is another new arrival in Lakewood. All we know is that Eli and his mother Tina plan to stay back in Lakewood so that Tina can continue to earn the allowances for being a local guardian to Kieran.

Eli Hudson

Character summary - Kieran's cousin, unwelcome guest
  • Eli is up to no good right from his first appearance in Season 2. He shows interest in Emma knowing that she is his cousin's girlfriend and also manages to spoil Kieran's birthday night plans by lying to Emma about Kieran wanting a birthday party.
  • He even offered to get rid of Jake's phone which Emma found planted in her bag. Not only did he eavesdrop on Kieran and Emma's conversation, as an outsider with no link in the previous Lakewood murders, he was willing to take too much risk for Emma.
  • Eli seems to be having a history of violence since childhood, based on the neighbour's dog story.
  • He is conspicuously missing from the latest episode of Season 2, giving him plenty of time to play hands-off with Seth Branson.

Suspect #4 - Miss Lang

Kristin Lang is new in Lakewood and a teacher in psychology at George Washington High School, other than that, we know nothing about her background.

Karen Lang

Character summary - Concerned psychology teacher, takes special interest in troubled students
  • Miss Lang showed lot of concern towards Emma's mental state and offered to help her. She reached out to Emma just like Piper Shaw in Season 1. Definitely a nice attempt to get close to Emma, the main obsession of the killer.
  • Emma and Miss Lang met at the coffee shop where Emma and Piper had first met, and kept meeting, since Emma used to work there then. What a co-incidence!
  • She deliberately locked Emma in the counselling room and the masked killer appeared outside the window moments later. Her motive behind locking Emma in the room never became clear.
  • She seems to love handing out her number to troubled students so that they can unload their psychological burden to her. Either she is keen to start her own practice or she is way too much interested in learning about their inner demons.
  • Miss Lang was dating Seth Branson, until Brooke told her about their secret relationship, completely pissing her off. The next thing you know, a blindfolded tied-up Seth Branson had his hand sawed off by the masked killer, right after Brook left the hotel room. Could it be the angry ex-girlfriend who followed Brooke and decided to punish her cheating boyfriend?

Suspect #5 - Noah Foster

Noah is Lakewood's very own Sherlock Holmes, obsessed with serial killers and slasher genre. In Season 2, he starts his very own podcast dedicated to finding the killer, probably because he witnessed his girlfriend Riley getting murdered in Season 1.

Noah Foster

Character summary - Sherlock Holmes of Lakewood, Audrey's BFF, slasher movie expert
  • Noah first came up with the theory of Piper having an accomplice and announced it on his very own podcast. What better alibi than to suggest to the world the very theory that you are secretly executing?
  • Only he and Audrey knew that Eddie had witnessed Piper with an accomplice and that she owned a storage unit. While Audrey did threaten Eddie over the phone, she obviously didn't kill him as the killer was already waiting in the vacant hotel room while she was driving to the hotel.
  • All students of Lakewood High School were made to stay in the library, except for Brooke who was escorted out by her father Mayor Maddox, Kieran who was being questioned by Sheriff Acosta about the gun in his bag, Emma who was locked in the counselling room by Miss Lang, and finally Noah who came out with Kieran and narrowly escaped the cops. Later he called Audrey and sneaked into the library through an emergency exit, but his time outside the library cannot be fully accounted for. He could have very well got into his killer attire and appeared in front of Emma.
  • Noah agreed to meet Eddie in the isolated fair grounds at night while a serial killer was on the loose. Either he was too stupid for a slasher movie expert or he was super-confident that the killer would not target him.
  • Noah secretly recorded Audrey's confession to him about her past association with Piper and how she had been responsible for inviting Piper to Lakewood. Was it really unintentional or was the killer hacking into Noah's computer, which would hardly be useful because the killer already had far more incriminating evidences against Audrey.
  • I never understood why the killer targeted in Season 1. She was neither Emma's friend, nor a possible investigator or witness. But if Noah is the killer, it makes sense that he wanted to eliminate Audrey's girlfriend, given that he himself has feelings for her.
  • Noah was on video call with Riley when she got attacked by the killer in Season 1. What a perfect timing for him to make the call, and a video call at that. Not only would it rule him off as a suspect, he actually got to witness the girl's murder without being present there, while his accomplice Piper performed the act. A twisted theory but not entirely impossible.
Noah Foster as the Lakewood killer is a hugely wild theory and the only reason I have listed him as a suspect is because he seems to be the most unlikely killer on Scream the TV series, based on the detective work that he has been doing. As per slasher movie rules, the killer is always the most unlikely person.

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