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Sunday, 17 July 2016

Scream the TV Series (2015) - Top 7 Ridiculous Things in Season 2

Car Doors Are Never Locked

Nobody in Scream the TV Series ever cares to lock their car. For a town that was terrorised by several serial murders a few months back and the very recent murder of Jake, everyone in Lakewood seem outrageously forgetful to lock their car doors.

Audrey gets the murder weapon in her car, thanks to the unlocked doors

That's how Audrey ends up with the corkscrew, the murder weapon used on Eddie, in her car floor. Sheriff Acosta even manages to leave his car window down, while having his evidence bag and a crucial piece of evidence, Jake's cellphone, in his passenger seat. Even our genius Noah Foster commits the same mistake when he goes to the fair grounds to meet Eddie.

Night-time Entries to Isolated Places With Serial Killer on the Loose 

Noah Foster goes into an isolated fair grounds all alone and at night. When there is no sign of Emma or network signal, he decides to exploring in the dark, gets into the shady looking clown chamber and starts calling out Eddie's name. Surely no sane person including Eddie would actually hide inside that creepy chamber after agreeing to meet up with someone.

Noah enters an isolated fair ground alone at night with a serial killer on the loose

Being the expert of slasher flicks, Noah commits the worst mistake that all about-to-be-killed slasher movie characters commit. That or Noah himself is the killer and therefore not worried about getting killed. In fact, the same mistake caused Jake to get captured, tortured and murdered in the first place. It is also a mystery why the killer kept him alive for a couple of days and then decided to slash him.

Sherlock Holmes Delays Examining Crucial Lead

Noah gets information from Eddie that Piper Shaw had a storage unit. However, he doesn't go there immediately but decides to go next morning, giving Audrey enough time to break into the place in the middle of the night and remove the strips of paper with her name on it pinned to Jake.

And I will examine it tomorrow morning even though I am here now

It is difficult to believe that someone as sharp as Noah would make such a basic mistake of letting an entire night pass without examining the killer's lair, unless he himself is playing a dangerous game with Audrey.

Life as Usual in Lakewood

Brooke is still reeling from the horror of her boyfriend's decomposed and slaughtered body drop right in front of her on stage. However, she doesn't undergo any kind of withdrawal syndrome or any kind of therapy. All she does is take a dip in the swimming pool and scream loudly underwater, butcher her pillows with scissors, and then tries to force a murder confession out of her tied-up ex-boyfriend Seth Branson.

Brooke and Stavo, creepy or cute?

The astonishing part is that Jake's parents who have never been introduced in the show are still not in town. A few days have passed since the discovery of Jake's murder and yet they are nowhere to be seen. Even his friends never tried to call him for the whole week that he skipped school or drop by at his home, except for his girlfriend Brooke who only texted him a few times.

Everyone in Lakewood Trusts Text Messages

None of the Lakewood Six, now Lakewood Five, seem to be freaking out about the wine-bottle gift from Jake, now that they know that he was dead all this time. Nor does Brooke seem to understand even now that the texts she got from Jake was from the killer.

Brooke gets roses from an anonymous person and texts Jake thinking it is him

Nobody except Audrey cares about the obvious fact that it was the killer who send the gift and the texts, not even our serial killer expert Noah Foster. Even he blindly trusts the text from Eddie asking him to meet at the fair grounds alone at night.

Seth Branson is Unkillable

Of all the characters in Scream the TV series, creepy teacher and Brook's ex-boyfriend Seth Branson seems to be the most tortured of the lot at this point. He got his hand cut off by the killer, his fresh wound cauterised by a hot iron, then stabbed in the gut in the school hallway right in front of Miss Lang, but he still managed to survive.

Seth Branson, the creepy teacher who loves to love his students, but did he deserve this?

After what would have been hours of pain and torment, he opened his eyes in the abandoned model home that the killer had just set fire to, only to realise that he was lying in a bathtub with another dead guy, moments away from being burnt alive. It remains to be seen whether the poor guy will make it out alive from this long-drawn nightmare.

Something Wrong With Mayor Maddox

The mayor of Lakewood and Brooke's father Mr. Maddox seems to be running out of suitable people to do his odd and delicate jobs. By odd and delicate jobs, we mean paying his daughter's ex-teacher and ex-boyfriend Seth Branson a huge sum of money for some mysterious reason, maybe to cover up some dirty secret.

Mayor Maddox decides to trust his dirty job with a female stranger new in town

It is clear that Mayor Maddox is was not trying to pay off Branson to leave his daughter alone, because he could have simply had him locked up for statutory rape of his teenage daughter. Whatever the reason was, he chose to hire Jake to do the job. Since the job remained unfinished with Jake ending up dead, Mayor Maddox then decided to hire Kieran's aunt Tina because he sensed desperation in her. Seriously? A shrewd experienced politician hires a newcomer in town to do his delicate job? The whole sub-plot sounds too preposterous.

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