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Monday, 18 July 2016

Scream the TV Series (2015) - Major Change in Suspect List for Season 2 Killer

Scream the TV Series just completed 7 episodes and there has been a vast change in the suspect list after the latest episode "Let The Right One In". There are three people that we can cross off as the Season 2 killer and one very unlikely person gets added to the list.

Eli Hudson - Not The Killer, Possible Accomplice

Eli Hudson is no longer on the prime suspect list because of his recent rendezvous with Emma. Frustrated at Kieran's betrayal and Miss Lang's nosy behaviour, Emma tries to take a break by getting away with Eli who promises her a day of fun and thrill. Of course, his real intention is to take advantage of the rising crack between Emma and Kieran.

Eli tries to kiss Emma during their house invasion

Eli takes her to an abandoned model home in Wren Estates, the same place where Jake had got kidnapped by the killer. They spend a few hours talking and drinking, with Eli trying to kiss her and she turning him down because she still loves Kieran.

House on fire!!

It looks like the two new friends don't know about the bodies of Eddie and Seth Branson dumped in a bathtub in one of the bathrooms, or at least Emma doesn't. The secret home invader Eli unknowingly taking Emma to the killer's storage-cum-furnace, now that's an interesting co-incidence!

Eli confesses his history with the cops
The closing scene shows the killer walk by the house and set it on fire, with Emma and Eli narrowly escaping through the garage. Eli stops Emma from calling the cops and confesses that he has a history. While the episode eliminates Eli Hudson as the prime suspect, since he gets inside the house as the killer lights it, it is still possible that he could be an accomplice to the killer.

Miss Lang - Neither Killer Nor Accomplice

Miss Lang is also off the suspect list as of episode 7 and can even be ruled out as an accomplice. She confesses to Emma that she had only locked her in the room during the school lock-down for her own safety. Her excuse proves genuine because she is shown to have collected recorded tapes of her conversation with the Lakewood Five, which proves the theory of her obsession with them. She was obviously doing her own investigation as a psychiatrist, but not for long.

Miss Lang gets the killer call

The killer tricks her into the school corridor and attacks her. She kicks him and dashes off only to run into her barely-alive boyfriend. The killer catches up with her and throws her over the stairs into the ground below, before he is interrupted by the janitor who finds her lying in a pool of blood. While we don't know yet if Miss Lang is dead or alive, the janitor's interference certainly saves her from getting slashed and prevents Audrey from walking into another trap planted by the killer.

Noah Foster - Not The Killer

Lakewood's Sherlock Holmes aka Noah Foster is off the suspect list for now because he has a really strong alibi for the entire day. His almost-girlfriend Zoe tries to seal the deal by asking him out on a study session that turns out to be a date at the lake.

Noah Foster sits by the lake waiting for his girlfriend to join him

They later hook up at Noah's house before getting interrupted by a flustered Audrey who has just. So Noah is completely out of the picture during the killer's daytime rampage, unless there are two killers of which Noah happens to be one and just got himself a solid alibi for the entire day.

But that looks very unlikely because he seems genuinely taken with Zoe and even spent some time condom-shopping for his upcoming evening, his delightfully funny encounter with the outspoken sales-granny delivering us one of the most hilarious scenes in Season 2.

Boy interrupted by his BFF

Granny wants to help Noah

New Suspect - Possible Accomplice

Zoe Vaughn is Noah's new girlfriend and she turns out to be sneakier and darker than what we had imagined. Her rising dislike towards Audrey can be understood, but she does multiple sneaky things in the latest episode that does not show her in a good light.

Noah and Zoe at the lake
Firstly, she lies to Noah about her absence in Season 1 saying she was away at a space program. Noah quickly catches her lie and Zoe tries to cover up by telling him about her emotional breakdown and how she was sent away to therapy, probably another lie and a red flag as well. Who's to say that she didn't run around town acting as Piper's accomplice the whole time.

Secondly, when Zoe discovers a file named Audrey on Noah's computer, she sends him off to get some booze and plays the audio file containing Audrey's confession about her friendship with Piper. Zoe emails the audio file, maybe to herself or the killer, if she is the accomplice.

Zoe sneaks into Noah's computer and steals the recording of Audrey's confession

The latest episode certainly establishes Zoe as a shady character who is far from what she seems. Even her advances towards Noah could be an act to make him reveal his investigative findings or get close to the Lakewood Five, remember how she tried to set up study lessons with Emma and get pally with Brooke. She could easily be the spy and accomplice to the killer.

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