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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Game of Thrones (2011) - Will Sansa Play Jon Snow or Littlefinger

Game of Thrones Season 6 finale marks a starting rivalry between two major players, Jon Snow and Littlefinger, with Sansa Stark wedged in between. It is apparent that Sansa trusts Jon much more than she ever relied on Littlefinger. The big question, will her loyalty stay strong or will she be consumed by a rising desire for power and start seeing the future through the eyes of Littlefinger.

Playing Littlefinger

Sansa Stark took a huge leap of faith with Littlefinger when she grudgingly married Ramsay Bolton. She felt angry and betrayed when Ramsay revealed his true colours, raping and torturing her night after night. She was dripping with venom when she confronted Littlefinger about Ramsay - "If you didn't know, you were an idiot, if you did know, you're my enemy." So furious was Sansa that she refused his offer of the Vale army and even threatened to have Brienne cut him down right there.

The day before the Battle of the Bastards, however, rationality and logic descended upon Sansa and she wrote to Littlefinger about his promised help. Jon Snow won an almost lost war with the help of the Vale soldiers. As Littlefinger sat on his horse beside Sansa with a smug look on his face, while the Vale army ripped the Boltons, we felt almost certain that Sansa Stark had put the past behind and was ready to become his girl once again.

Littlefinger comes to the rescue
But we were wrong. When Littlefinger approached Sansa in the woods of Winterfell with his proposition - "The picture of me on the Iron Throne and you by my side" and leaned forward to kiss her, but she turned him down saying - "It's a pretty picture".

The emotional moment between Sansa and Jon were beautiful. Her support for him as the Lord of Winterfell seemed genuine. She admitted to Jon Snow that "only a fool would trust Littlefinger", indicating that accepting his favour did not make her his pawn. She was no longer the naive little girl who believed in outward charm and superficial promises.

Sansa acknowledges Jon as a Stark

Playing Jon Snow

Sansa Stark deliberately hid information about Littlefinger's encamped Vale army from Jon Snow. When she warned Jon not to fight the Boltons with such a small army, Jon insisted on proceeding with whatever men they had, a perfect time for Sansa to disclose the truth, but she chose not to. Had Jon Snow known of the arriving support, his battle plans would have been entirely different and saved the massacre of thousands of his men.

Sansa hides the truth from Jon as Brienne looks on
In Sansa's defense, maybe she was not certain if the Vale army would arrive on time. But not mentioning such a vital point is hypocritical on her part, especially after she accused him of not involving her in the battle strategy. Sansa may have become bold, clever and shrewd, but did she fail to see that the battle left the Starks in a very vulnerable place? With most of Jon Snow's army dead, the highly opportunistic Littlefinger could have easily captured the North.

Of course, Sansa was lucky that Littlefinger held his promise and declared for House Stark, preferring to watch in silent displeasure as Jon Snow was proclaimed King in the North. It was Littlefinger's way of compensating for his miscalculation regarding Ramsay and his way of proving to Sansa that she took higher priority than his ambitions.

Will Littlefinger's seemingly sacrificial act sway Sansa to his side? He certainly tried his best to convince her that she was the future of the North and not Jon Snow. He didn't miss a single chance to point out that Jon was her half-brother and not a real Stark.

As the other lords declared for Jon Snow,  the look that lingered between Sansa and Littlefinger cannot be missed. Sansa's smile slowing fading away could mean two things. Either she was afraid of what he might be plotting against Jon, or she was gradually beginning to see the truth in his words.

Jon Snow is declared King in the North
Sooner or later, we may see Sansa Stark lean towards Littlefinger and it won't be a surprise given that her new persona is more similar to Littlefinger than Jon Snow. Maybe she started to see more benefit in having a dangerous man like Littlefinger as her ally than as her enemy.

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