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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Game of Thrones (2011) - Will Jon Snow and Daenerys Get Married

Game of Thrones has seen many characters come and go, getting promoted to sudden major roles and then getting killed off or disappearing abruptly. Five of the main characters that have survived six ruthless seasons of this epic fantasy are Daenerys, Jon Snow, Sansa Stark, Arya Stark and Tyrion Lannister. All of them have faced deadly enemies, tried to make the best of their situations and fought off their adversities with wit and grit.

Two of the characters, Sansa Stark and Tyrion Lannister were married to each other at some point. Arya Stark is still too young to contemplate marriage. The remaining two protagonists Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen remain unattached and can be considered the most eligible bachelor and spinster across the Seven Continents spanning from Westeros to Essos.

Will Dany marry Johnny?

The big question right now is who will they marry? Will the Snow king and the Fire queen marry each other, thus lending a deeper meaning to the title "A Song of Ice and Fire", or will Game of Thrones change the game and give us better twists than the obvious plot-line?

Jon Snow and Daenerys

Daenerys and Jon Snow have never met in Game of Thrones or even known each other's existence. Jon has never gone out of the North and has no idea of the events unfolding in the South itself, leave alone the events outside Westeros.

Daenerys has been busy conquering Slaver's Bay, renamed by her as Dragon's Bay and has set sail for Westeros only towards the end of Season 6. Obviously she has no idea about a Stark bastard and recently declared King in the North. So the chances that they will meet soon, strike up a super-quick alliance and get married are not looking too evident right now.

The Resurrected and the Unburnt, made for each other?

Why it may work

  • Both Daenerys and Jon Snow are Targaryens, as per the recent reveal of Jon's parentage, and destined to be great rulers. Jon Snow is supposedly the prince who was promised while Daenerys is the younger, more beautiful successor prophesied to overthrow the reign of Cersei as a queen.
  • Daenerys and Jon would make the best power couple of Westeros. She has her huge army of the Unsullied and the Dothrakis, along with alliances of big players like Greyjoys, Tyrells and Martells. He already has the sworn support of the entire North.
  • Jon and Daenerys have a lot in common, both value freedom, justice and honour, have remarkable kindness and sympathy towards oppressed clans. Jon Snow got murdered for his friendship and support of the Wildlings while Daenerys made it her first goal during her conquests to free the slaves and the Unsullied army.
  • Targaryens are known to marry within their clan, probably because only a Targaryen woman can bear a Targaryen child without dying off - recall how Jon's mother Lyanna Stark, Tyrion's mother and Daenerys's mother, all died during childbirth. That could be the most logical reason for Jon and Daenerys to get married.
  • While breaking off with her lover Daario Naharis, Daenerys told him that she may need to get married to form stronger alliances in Westeros. Maybe it's a hint about the upcoming alliance, given that Jon is the most eligible bachelor, even though she doesn't know it yet.
On a lighter note, both Daenerys and Jon have a hilariously huge list of names to their credits, lists long enough to make us forget the actual events in the episodes.

Daenerys and her many names
Jon Snow, the Knower of Nothing

Why it may not work

  • Daenerys may choose to go solo and rule as the Queen without having a king, as she has done all this while. It won't be surprising given that she likes to break free from regular norms.
  • Jon Snow is not exactly interested in sitting on the Iron Throne of Westeros. He is too preoccupied with Winterfell and gathering an army powerful enough to fight off the Whitewalkers. Hence it is not very likely that he will engage much interest in the dragon queen, unless the plot spins towards killing off Whitewalkers with dragon fire or dragon glass.
  • Daenerys is Jon Snow's aunt by relation, now that we know that he is the love child of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. Game of Thrones may choose to not go down the aunt-nephew marriage path. 
But then again, for a show that has twin siblings like Jaime and Cersei as lovers, a marriage between aunt and nephew marriage is hardly controversial in comparison. Personally, I would like to watch Daenerys remain single and become an all-powerful queen, with faithful and persistent lover-cum-devotee Jorah Mormont by her side.

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