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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Pretty Little Liars (2010) - Top Suspects for Charlotte's Killers!!

If there is one thing we know for certain from Season 6 finale of Pretty Little Liars, it is that Mary Drake is not Charlotte's killer, neither is Dr. Rollins, though they may very well be the new stalker terrorising the pretty little liars with texts.

Mary Drake is the biological mother of Charlotte who was taken away from her and adopted by her twin sister Jessica DiLaurentis. As Mary Drake stayed locked up in Radley asylum, she started planning the execution of her primary goal in life - how to destroy Jessica who had snatched everything from her and claim what was rightfully hers. After Charlotte's murder, vengeance against Alison and her friends became Mary's sole objective.

In Season 7, Dr. Rollins makes his intentions clear when he tells Alison that he will make sure to keep her locked up in Welby because he knows that she killed Charlotte. So, Dr. Rollins definitely does not know who killed Charlotte.

So the question is, who really killed Charlotte? Let us go over the sequence of events in Season 6 of Pretty Little Liars.

The Car Stalker at Two Crows Diner

Emily nearly got run over by a big black vehicle while following up leads near the Two Crows diner. Note that moments before, Emily had found the suspected murder weapon i.e. the broken suitcase handle from Melissa's suitcase after Charlotte. Later she dropped it and the mystery driver escaped with her fingerprints on the handle.

Emily with the murder weapon at the Two Crows Diner

The attacker was obviously aware that the broken handle was the murder weapon, or similar to the murder weapon, and had placed it as a trap to get Emily's fingerprints on it. Hence, the very neat plan to make her climb the shed roof at the Two Crows Dinner since that was the only place of shelter in the vicinity. Clearly, the stalker was out to gather evidence that would frame Emily for the murder. Therefore it is safe to assume that the car stalker is the one who stole Emily's eggs and threatened to use it to frame her for the crime. So, in all probability, Emily's attacker is also the same person who committed Charlotte's murder.

Suspect #1 - Mon Vanderwaal, the Original 'A'

When Aria went to the police station to meet Detective Tanner, she managed to steal a glance at the police report that described the brunette who had made a call to Charlotte's house the night of her murder. The caller had jiggling car keys and a key-chain with a pink dice.

Who called Charlotte on the night of her murder?

Few days later, Emily spotted Mona carrying her car keys with a pink-dice key-chain and confronted her. Mona admitted to calling Charlotte that fateful night, intending to ask Charlotte why chose to torture everyone for so many years.

Emily sees Mona carrying a key-chain with pink dice
Knowing Mona and her earlier stint as the vengeful stalker 'A', it is highly unbelievable that she lured her tormentor out of the house at night simply to talk. She clearly had a different agenda which she is not revealing yet.
  • Mona showed up uninvited at Hanna's wedding shower party when the furnace accident too place, injuring Aria.
  • In Season 1 of Pretty Little Liars, Mona as the original 'A' had tried to run over Hanna with her car. The car attack on Emily looked striking similar to the attack on Hanna, and the modus operandi reeks of Mona.
  • Let us not forget that she conspired with Yvonne to arrange a lunch between Spencer and Yvonne, where Yvonne intentionally dropped her phone, allowing Spencer to pick it up and take it to Caleb. After Yvonne's teenage pregnancy reports got leaked to the press. the leak was traced to Veronica Hasting's office. 
  • As a running Senate candidate, it looked like Veronica tried to sabotage her rival by leaking sensitive information.
  • It led to Veronica throwing Caleb out of her campaign when he took the blame for the leak, thinking that he was saving Spencer.
  • With Caleb out of the circle, both Toby and Yvonne blaming Spencer for ruining their lives, Mona showed her perfect timing when she came begging for a job in Veronica's campaign. Such perfectly timed entry into the inner circles of Spencer and her friends casts a big doubt on Mona's true motive.
Is Mona, the original 'A' back in the game?

It is possible that Mona could have killed Charlotte and then tried to pin it on Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily's group, knowing that they were the primary suspects with motive for the crime and would look guilty in the eyes of the cops. This would give her revenge on her torturer Charlotte, her ex-BFF Hanna who ditched her and Aria, Spencer, Emily who she held responsible for stealing Hanna away from her. Perfect punishment for everybody.

Suspect #2 - Lucas Gottesman

Lucas re-entered Pretty Little Liars after two whole seasons. His story is that he came back from his thriving business in Chicago to open a new factory of garments outlet in his hometown Rosewood. He offered a lucrative business proposal to Hanna out of the blue, and suddenly became an important friend in Hanna's life, letting her stay in his grand apartment for days and becoming her confidant.

Lucas was the creepy nerd during the earlier seasons of Pretty Little Liars. His romantic interest in Hanna was obvious from the beginning. It is no surprise that he went out of his way to help Hanna in her most vulnerable hours. However, he may not simply be the rich nerdy lover posing as a friend.

Lucas is back in Rosewood
The pretty little liars had a reason to come back to Rosewood after 5 years. They had been summoned by the court to speak for or against Charlotte's release from the asylum. But why did Lucas decide to expand his business to Rosewood after all these years? 
  • His arrival to Rosewood coincided too well with Charlotte's release, the arrival of Hanna and her friends, followed by Charlotte's murder.
  • Note that the accident at Hanna's wedding shower happened at Lucas's apartment where Hanna was staying. While 'A' claimed credit for it, it won't be surprising for Lucas himself to induce the electronic malfunction. 
  • If you think of it, all the major plans carried out by the pretty little liars and theirs friends Toby, Caleb and Ezra were masterminded at Lucas's place where Hanna was put up. Being a tech-savvy guy, it would have been too easy for Lucas to monitor them through hidden cameras in his own house.
  • Lucas always hated Alison and her friends, except Hanna, and had briefly been part of the 'A' group himself. It is possible that he could have picked up all the 'A' tricks during the time.
The only thing Lucas would gain by killing Charlotte is revenge against Alison and her friends by pinning the blame on them. It would even break Hanna's marriage to Jordan. But what he had against Charlotte is still a mystery.

Suspect #3 - Sara Harvey, the Red Coat

Sara was supposedly locked up by Charlotte in her doll house for two whole years. But the whole thing was an act, Sara was in fact Charlotte's accomplice in crime and she managed to bluff the cops and the court very well. She was the lady in the black veil and also the Red Coat who made several appearances during various seasons of Pretty Little Liars. She was the trusted chauffeur for Charlotte and carried out many of her 'A' plans.
  • Sara Harvey refused to skip town even after Charlotte's murder. She was Charlotte's closest associate and yet she had no fear that Charlotte's killer would also come after her.
  • Sara stayed at the newly renovated Radley Hotel in the only room that had a secret closest entrance to the basement of the ex-asylum, had her bodyguard steal blueprints of the campus, went around the hotel disguised as housekeeping staff, had disguising kits and artificial hands in her drawers. Given her past fake acts, it would not be astonishing if the burnt hand act was fake too.
  • Sara constantly stalked the pretty little liars everywhere around town. Her obsession with the girls and Radley makes it difficult to trust her.
Sara Harvey with Charlotte

If Sara Harvey was indeed a faithful accomplice to Charlotte, she could be trying to uncover her killer on her own and suspecting the pretty little liars of the crime. But if she was worried that Charlotte might leak the truth of their association after her release, that would definitely be a strong motive for Sara to kill Charlotte.

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