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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Game of Thrones (2011) - Why Sansa is The Perfect Ruler of The North

Game of Thrones has seen many rulers in Winterfell. One thing that they all had in common is that all of them caused their own destruction.
  • First there was Ned Stark, the original Warden of the North who invited his own doom by trusting Littlefinger and committing all the mistakes that his predecessor and murdered friend Jon Arryn did.
  • Then came Ned Stark's eldest son Robb Stark who led the rebellion against the Lannisters and was declared King of the North. Then he trusted the Freys, disregarded his mother's advice, took his pregnant wife and mother to the Red Wedding and got himself and everyone killed.
  • After that, the traitor Lord Bolton took over, underestimated his psychopathic bastard son Ramsay, gave him the Bolton title, then married a Frey daughter, threatened Ramsay of disinheritance and got murdered by him.
  • Ramsay Bolton became the Warden of the North, married and raped Sansa Stark who could have given him an heir to the north, went into war with Jon Snow, killed Rickon out of pure sadism, lost the war to the Vale army and got fed to his own hounds whom he had kept starving for seven days.
Now the question is who will be the next Warden of the North? My bet is on Sansa Stark and here are the reasons why.

Rightful claim to Winterfell

Sansa Stark is the eldest living Stark child, after Jon Snow, but then Jon Snow is a bastard and most probably a half-Targaryen, resulting from Lyanna Stark and Raegar Targaryen. Nobody knows that Bran Stark is still alive, plus Bran is better off being a warg beyond the Wall and messing up past and present timelines by going on unplanned time travelling trips. So at present, Sansa Stark has the most valid claim to Winterfell.

Sansa has the perfect allies - Jon Snow, Littlefinger and the Tyrells

Jon Snow

Apart from inheritance and valid claim, Sansa also has a large number of allies on her side. She has a fierce warrior and loyal brother like Jon Snow beside her, along with all the remaining wildlings who have pledged allegiance to Jon Snow.

Sansa Stark and Jon Snow confront Ramsay Bolton

Petyr Baelish/Littlefinger

While she may be super-pissed at Littlefinger for marrying her off to Ramsay, she realizes the benefit of having him as an ally, the shrewd and powerful man who owns the Riverlands and the Vale, besides having the goodwill of the Tyrells after he took the contract of Joffrey's murder. Moreover, he does genuinely care for Sansa and has his own agenda of controlling Westeros. Sansa knows that she and Littlefinger can benefit from each other.

Littlefinger comes to the rescue

Margaery and Ollena Tyrells

The Tyrells were supposedly the second-most powerful house in Westeros. Margaery and the Tyrell matriarch Lady Ollena liked Sansa Stark immensely. They even had plans to get Loras Tyrell married to Sansa, not entirely out of affection but also to gain allegiance of the Starks who controlled the north at the time. Now that Margaery is the queen backed by the High Sparrow, and given her and Lady Ollena's shared hatred towards Cersei Lannister, the Tyrells would be more than willing to side with Sansa Stark in their effort to take down the Lannisters.

Sansa Stark with Margaery Tyrell

Sansa Stark Proves Herself More Insightful Than Jon Snow

Sansa Stark is no longer the immensely stupid and naive teenager we saw in earlier seasons of Game of Thrones. She learnt from the best and most diabolical strategist of Westeros - her former mentor and protector Petyr Baelish. Her tortured marriage to Ramsay Bolton only hardened her more and taught her how to think like him.

Sansa knew from the start that Rickon would never be returned to them alive, she also knew that Petyr Baelish's support was vital to win the war against the Ramsay Bolton. Had she not written to Littlefinger on the night before the battle, Jon Snow and his remaining men would have been dead in the battlefield. While Jon Snow cannot be seconded in courage and honour, the new version of Sansa clearly demonstrates the shrewdness and cold logic required in a good ruler.

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