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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Game of Thrones (2011) - How Bran Stark Ruins The Past and Future

Bran Stark's misadventures start from the very beginning of Game of Thrones. Season 1 introduces him as the ten year old boy who loves to climb towers. The middle son of Ned Stark and Catelyn Stark, this boy goes on to trigger a series of events that causes the eventual downfall of the Starks and Winterfell. 

How you ask? It is not Ned Stark's super-dumb stubborn decisions or Littlefinger's diabolic plans alone that destroyed the Starks. If you follow the events carefully, it is little Bran's disobedience that sets the wheels rolling.

Bran Ruins The Past

It all starts with "little bran peep" climbing the Tower of Joy and interrupting the joy of Cersei and Jamie Lannister. Despite repeated warnings from his mother, Bran climbs the tower window and witnesses Queen Cersei and his brother Jaime Lannister in an incestuous encounter. Unable to suppress a loud exclamation, he takes Cersei and Jamie by complete surprise.

WTF!! The Queen and her brother?!!

WTF!!!! The king will kill us!!!!

Alarmed at the thought of their dirty secret getting exposed to her husband the king, Cersei frantically pushes Jamie to stop Bran from getting away. Jamie goes ahead and shoves Bran from the tower window. The fall cripples Bran's legs for life and he goes into a coma for several days.

The things that Jaime does for love!!
After Bran wakes up from coma, Cersei sends a man to kill the boy. The man is killed by his wolf and Tyrion Lannister's knife is found in his hand. At the same time, Catelyn Stark gets a letter from Lysa Arryn, her sister, warning her of the Lannisters and their involvement in John Arryn's murder. Because of the whole Bran episode, Ned and Catelyn Stark stand convinced that all the information fed to them about the Lannisters are unquestionably true. Thus starts their warpath against the Lannisters and their very peaceful life in Winterfell comes to an abrupt end.

Bran and his wolf Summer

Bran Ruins The Future

Bran Stark is a warg and possesses the magical ability to get into the body and mind of living souls. The three-eyed raven warns Bran several times during their time-travelling lessons that Bran should simply witness the past to gain knowledge and wisdom. The old man cautions him to not be rash.

Bran and the Three-eyed Raven travels to the past, witnesses little Ned Stark with his brother and sister

Keeping up the Stark tradition, Bran does exactly what he is forbidden to do, he throws caution to the wind and goes time-travelling on his own, leading to horrifying consequences.

Bran gets his protectors killed

With no control on his time-travelling powers, he lands up right in front of the Whitewalkers, instead of visiting the past. The Night King sees Bran and grabs his hand, marking him. This destroys the protection and concealment spell on the raven's cave and the Whitewalkers march right into the cave, killing the three-eyed raven, his own wolf Summer and all the remaining Children of the Forest who sacrifice themselves defending Bran. You will feel especially bad for the Children of the Forest. They manage to survive for thousands of years, hiding in caves from humans and Whitewalkers, and then end up becoming extinct, all their efforts undone due to the impulsiveness of a so-called gifted boy.

Bran ruins Hodor's past life and gets him killed in the present

As Meera tries to escape with the time-travelling half-comatose Bran, she keeps shouting at Hodor to hold the door against the pursuing Whitewalkers. Meanwhile, Bran faces a young Hodor in the past and wargs into the him, urging him to "hold the door". As young Hodor goes into a convulsive fit shouting "hold the door" continuously, Hodor in the present pins himself against the cave's exit, repeating the same words as he gets ripped by the Whitewalkers. 

The messed up overlap between the past and the present transforms the poor boy into the dim-witted simpleton whose only known words from then on become "hold the door" or "Hodor". At least now we know the history of Hodor. Rest in peace, big guy.

Bran Stark's life summary

Basically, if you see, Bran has done nothing but pushed all his friends towards doom, while managing to mess up both the past and the present timelines. He is disobedient, over-curious and yet has something special in him that makes everyone want to sacrifice their lives for him - starting from the three-eyed raven, the Children of the Forest, Summer and finally Hodor. If you thought that Sansa Stark was stupid in Seasons 1 and 2, you will change your mind after watching Season 6.
Bran Stark and his feats

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