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Monday, 6 June 2016

Game of Thrones (2011) - Top 3 Characters That Don't Die

If we have learnt anything from the Game of Thrones, it is Valar Morghulis - all men must die, that is nobody, not even the heroes, survive for long. But the converse is also true, the dead people come back to life and if someone is not seen dead, they are definitely alive. We have had 3 such examples in Season 6.

The biggest example is Jon Snow - the one hero who simply couldn't have stayed dead - he was too important a character for the story to proceed. Then there is Edmure Tully, Catelyn Stark's brother who was married of to Walder Frey's youngest daughter moments before the Red Wedding killings wiped off half the Stark family. Finally we have Sandor Clegane, more popularly known as the Hound, killed by none other than the great Lady Brienne, or was he?

Jon Snow

Well yes, Jon Snow did get killed. But then he was resurrected in the second episode of Season 6, thanks to the Red Priestess Melisandre. There can be no argument that Jon Snow had to return to the show, since he is one of the suspected Dragon Riders. Speculated to be the bastard son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen, it is believed that Ned Stark adopted him as his own bastard son to fulfil a promise he made to his sister Lyanna. This makes him a direct descendant of the dragon family and a distant cousin to Daenarys. Plus he the only full-grown member of the Stark family surviving and the only person who seems fit to get his revenge for the fall of the Starks. He fought with the Whitewalkers, has the Wildlings as his ally and came back from the dead - who can be a better candidate than Jon Snow to take over the Iron Throne?

Edmure Tully

This character hardly had a role to play in Game of Thrones, except to grumble at being forced into an arranged marriage with Walder Frey's daughter, or maybe granddaughter - frankly you don't keep track of the Frey family line. To his delight however, Edmure discovers during his wedding that his wife is not ugly like the other women of the Frey family, in fact she is more than pretty. The newly wed bride and groom are swept off to their honeymoon chambers and the Red Wedding killings take place. We all safely assume that Edmure gets killed on that same night, and frankly nobody cares or remembers about Edmure.

Edmure Tully - the highly forgettable Stark uncle

Then after 3 seasons, when you have forgotten all about Edmure, or never remembered him in the first place, he is suddenly dragged into Walder Frey's court. Apparently, the creepy old paedophile had decided not to kill his son-in-law after all. Locking him in the dungeons was a far better idea, who knows, someday he might come in handy as a leverage against the Tully house.

Hello dear, you are pretty - now this is a marriage I can agree to!!

Never thought Frey was much for foresight but at least for Edmure's sake, we hope that there is indeed some true purpose behind keeping his character alive after all this time. Hopefully that purpose would be to kill the ugly and foul-mouthed Frey paedophile. Walder Frey is too much of an animal to be killed by someone important.

The Hound - Sandor Cleagane

Sandor Clegane plays a moderately significant role in the well-being of the Stark family. When all of the Lannisters (except Tyrion) are busy torturing the Starks, this giant guy develops a soft spot for Sansa Stark and saved her life more than once in King's Landing. He also captured Arya Stark and kept her safe for several days as they travelled to the Vale to deliver Arya to her aunt Lysa Arryn.

Arya and the Hound - Sandor Clegane

The Hound's significance doesn't end with the Starks. Let's not forget that he is the only man alive known to have fought and survived his elder brother, the Mountain, the brute of a man who enjoys ripping human beings in most gruesome ways. Now that the Mountain is back in his zombie form, we need the Hound more than ever to defeat and kill the Mountain. If not for anything else, Sandor Clegane will definitely cherish killing his brother who was responsible for permanent disfiguring him as a child.

Lady Brienne - Sansa's sworn protector

Besides, it will be interesting to watch Sandor Clegane come face to face with his nemesis, Lady Brienne, a woman of an equally brutish strength and sworn to protect Sansa Stark - the same young girl the Hound had once protected. Both of them care for Sansa and both hate each other, so that will be fun.

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