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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Game of Thrones (2011) - 5 Reasons Why Ramsay Bolton is the Most Hated Character

Ramsay Bolton wins the title for the most-hated character in Game of Thrones without a doubt. Even Joffrey Baratheon seems like a saint in comparison. We knew from day one that Ramsay is a ruthless psychopath. But unlike Petyr Baelish - the sleek evil charmer, Joffrey - the impulsive cruel king, or the Mountain - the thoughtless butcher, fighter and bodyguard Ramsay takes psychopathy to a whole new level. Let us see what makes him the most despicable character on the Game of Thrones.

1. Torture of Theon Greyjoy

Ever since Ramsay Snow, the bastard son of Lord Bolton, was introduced in Game of Thrones, we remembered him as the guy who tortured Theon Greyjoy for days and months. He mutilated Theon in the most painful ways possible, starting with his fingers and ending with his male organ. He didn't just do it to extract information on the Starks, you could easily see that Ramsay relished every moment of the torture. While Theon deserved punishment for his betrayal towards the Starks, he certainly did not deserve the horror that Ramsay inflicted on him, reducing him to a half-witted slave. Recall his unforgettable statement to Theon - "If you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention".

2. Ramsay Flays People Alive

Ramsay's favourite punishment was skinning his victims while they were alive and tied up. He did not spare even old women and children, and loved to brag about his feats. Even his house sigil consisted of a man being flayed. Not that Ramsay was averse to other forms of cruelty such as cutting people or throwing them to his hounds.

3. Torture of Sansa Stark

All of us are used to seeing Sansa Stark getting tortured by everyone, including Joffrey who subjected her to intense mental torture and ridicule for a very long time. But the demented king never dared to torture Sansa physically. Ramsay crossed that line by raping Sansa on their wedding night and forcing Theon to watch her misery. Ramsay continued to rape and torture Sansa for several days together till she managed to escape from the castle with Theon.

4. Ramsay Killed his Own Father

Lord Bolton named his bastard son a Bolton, definitely not out of goodness of heart but because he had no other male heir. But he was clearly not wise enough to see that the pit-bull of a psychopath like Ramsay can never be a fit ruler or a successor. The senior Bolton married one of the Frey daughters to gain wealth and gold. But when his wife gave birth to a son, Ramsay immediately saw his position as sole successor threatened and stabbed his own father while the latter was hugging him. You won't exactly sympathise with Lord Bolton, he did betray and stab Robb Stark in the same manner, and it was high time karma caught up with him. Moreover, his nasty dialogue to Ramsay cannot be forgotten - "All you have, I gave you. You would do well to remember that bastard, before you make me rue the day I raped your mother".

5. Ramsay Threw his Infant Brother to the Hounds

Just when you thought that Ramsay couldn't get any worse, he proved us wrong. He crossed all limits of humanity when he threw his just-born baby brother and the boy's mother to the group of hungry hounds. This was the most abominable action in the entire Game of Thrones and can never be forgiven. Even the Whitewalkers showed more mercy towards babies.

Honorary Mentions

Ramsay Bolton had no empathy even for his most faithful allies. When his girlfriend Myranda got killed while trying to stop Sansa's escape, Ramsay showed a few minutes of fake sadness, followed by his heart-chilling statement - "Give her to the hounds. Why waste good meat".

Ramsay also killed Osha by slashing her throat. His final act of cruelty was freeing Rickon, making him run across the battlefield towards his brother, before shooting an arrow into him in the episode "Battle of the Bastards".

If nothing else, these incidents only fuelled our desires to see Ramsay get killed in the most ruthless and gruesome way possible, eaten by his own starving hounds as Sansa Stark stands watching. The best part was that Sansa devised the punishment. Watching her walk away with a smile as the hounds ripped Ramsay apart in the background was one of the most satisfying revenge scenes in Game of Thrones.

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