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Sunday, 17 April 2016

Pretty Little Liars Season 6B - Who is the New 'A'!!

Pretty Little Liars Season 6 concluded its second half last month with a deadly final scene. Lot of questions raised in the previous season remain answered, while opening up several gaping new mysteries - Who is the new 'A'? Who killed Charlotte? Are they the same people?

Who the hell is the Uber 'A'?

Uber 'A' made an entrance into the lives of the pretty little liars a few days after Charlotte's murder.

Like his/her predecessor, the new 'A' used text and digital media to communicate with the girls. But this 'A' is much bolder and quicker to take actions.

Continuously texting the girls and tracking their every moves, 'A' blames them for hiding the real murderer, and makes several efforts to force their hands, starting with the golf stick.

The only thing we do know for sure is that 'A' is someone we already know, someone the pretty little liars know. Why? Because 'A' says so when Hanna asks "Do I know you?"

The Terror That is 'A'

'A' then starts assaulting the pretty little liars, one by one, so that they hand over Charlotte's killer. Some of the assaults are even life-threatening ones.
Furnace malfunctions at Hanna's wedding shower, Aria sustains burns
'A' admits to sabotaging the furnace
  • Aria gets burnt by an exploding furnace at Hanna's wedding shower.
  • Alison falls down the stairs, though that later seems to be the suspected work of her husband Elliot Rollins.
  • Spencer's mother Veronica's political career was threatened as 'A' leaked her opponent's daughter Yvonne's medical past to the press and routed it through Veronica's office.
  • Caleb was forced to take the blame for exposing Yvonne's medical records, because Spencer and Caleb wanted to hide the existence of 'A' from the cops.
  • Emily's donated eggs got stolen from the hospital after a machine malfunction.
  • The final victim is Hanna who is kidnapped from the Lost Woods Resort and is seen getting dragged through the dusty floor of a dark room.

Agenda of 'A'

It is very clear that Uber 'A' is after revenge and is desperate to find Charlotte's killer, especially after he/she explicitly forbids Hanna to involve the cops when she claims to be the killer. 'A' writes - "No cops. This is between you and me". The new 'A' wants to punish the murderer himself/herself. So, he or she is definitely not Charlotte's killer.

Why Mary Drake and Elliot Rollins Could Be The New 'A' Team?

Pretty Little Liars introduced two of its newest villains in Season 6B - Mary Drake, the vengeful twin sister of the long-dead Jessica DiLaurentis and the original 'A' Charlotte's real mother (like mother, like daughter, or son, as you may like it), along with her accomplice Dr. Elliot Rollins. Yes, it is none other than Charlotte's ex-therapist and Alison's soft-spoken, loving and gentle husband, who is reality was Charlotte's lover.

The Charlotte Connection - Dr. Elliot Rollins (lover/psychiatrist) and Mary Drake (real mother/evil twin)

The last episode reveals that Rollins only married Alison to steal her family business, a company that Mary rightfully believed to be hers. Their primary objective was to take revenge for Charlotte's death, something that both Mary and Rollins believed had been perpetrated by one or more of the pretty little liars.
  • Now recall the fact that Alison fell down the stairs on her post-honeymoon morning while facing him with her back turned towards the stairs - first red flag!
  • After she was discharged from hospital, on heavy drugs and all alone in the house, Rollins went out of town to attend a medical conference - second red flag!
  • Right after this, Alison starts seeing ghosts from the past - Detective Wilden and her dead mother Jessica DiLaurentis. Believing that she is going insane, Alison checks into a psychiatric facility. Rollins has the perfect alibi all along, his medical conference - biggest red flag!
Dream or reality?

Mary Drake and Elliot Rollins have the same objective as 'A', catching Charlotte's killer and bring them them to justice. Therefore, both of them perfectly fit into the role of Uber 'A'. Moreover, Mary is also caught on the camera set up by Caleb at the Lost Woods Resort, where she is seen trying to flee the scene. Only problem is that Caleb, Spencer and gang thinks that it is Jessica.

Who Killed Mrs. DiLaurentis?

It is also more than likely than Mary could have killed her twin sister Jessica right before Charlotte found her dead in the backyard. She clearly hated Jessica for several possible reasons. Mary had been mentally unstable and a Radley patient, plus it was only normal to resent Jessica for burying facts about her being Charlotte's real mother and adopting the child as her own.

So, now we have many more questions:
  • Where was Mary Drake all the time after Jessica was found dead? 
  • Surely she would have tried to contact her daughter Charlotte while she was admitted to Radley for mental treatment.
  • Being an identical twin to Jessica, she might even have posed as her and gone visiting Charlotte. It would have been just too easy and too tempting for a long-separated mother to resist.
  • Did Charlotte know about Mary's existence then?
  • Of course, the biggest riddle of all is - who killed Charlotte? Definitely not the new 'A' who wanted to catch the murderer. Then who!!

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