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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Pretty Little Liars Season 6B - Who is A.D, The New Psycho?

Pretty Little Liars Season 6 ended it second half with a deadly finale where it took the bold step of nearly killing off one of its main characters - one of the liars. I say "nearly" because I am convinced that the series will retain the old 'A' strategy of drugging victims and leaving them in a state of painful immobilization - 'A' did it to Mona, to Alison's brother Jason and her father Mr. DiLaurentis in Season 6.

Moments after Hanna is kidnapped from the Lost Woods Resort, the kidnapper sends a text to the girls - "Thanks for giving me Hanna, You're free to go - A.D". So the new 'A' goes by the initials A.D.

Who is A.D - Is It Alison?

The initials ring a big alarm. Is it Alison DiLaurentis? Has she set up this elaborate drama to trap her sister's killer because she suspected that one of her friends murdered Charlotte? Recall that in one of the episodes, Alison called Lorenzo to her house to tell him that she had no longer believed of her friends' innocence.

Checking into a psychiatric facility would instantly eliminate her as a suspect, while giving her the perfect chance to carry out her own investigation from the background without getting into trouble with the cops. After all, Alison had a two years long experience of pretending to be dead during the first two seasons, while appearing every now and then in front of her four friends like a ghost. She is also efficient in disguises and fake identities - remember Vivian Darkbloom? Alison is no less than Charlotee when it comes to disguises.

Vivian Darkbloom, Alison's alternate identity

Maybe Not Alison?

Then again, maybe it is not Alison at all. Remember Alison getting similar threatening texts as the other liars? Unless she has a multple personality disorder and has pre-programmed her texts, she is obviously not sending those texts to herself. So what if A.D is an unknown member of the DiLaurentis or Drake family who is yet to be introduced?

Alison is a victim too!
Going by the trend in Pretty Little Liars, that family keeps unraveling new members, all of whom are psychotic - first it is Charlotte and then Mary Drake. It won't be absolutely astonishing if yet another relative turns up out of nowhere. So 'D' is for 'Drake'? Surely not Mary Drake because she is captured on video trying to flee the scene, so she couldn't be the one to drag away Hanna. Nor can it be Elliot Rollins who is, at that exact moment, too busy playing Wilden's ghost to drive Alison insane.

Is It Obviously Sara Harvey?

Is is Sara Harvey? Sara is the original Red Coat aka assistant to Charlotte, the original 'A'. Her entire episode of being 'A's victim was fake, she was closer to 'A' than anyone else in Pretty Little Liars ever.

Sara Harvey aka Red Coat
Amidst all the mayhem following Charlotte's murder, Sara is constantly there in every scene. She stays for an unusually long period of time at the Radley Hotel, goes around in masks and disguises, always hides her allegedly burnt hand in her gloves - remember Jenna who hid behind her blindness for a long time till we discovered how she was no longer blind?

Sarah's hotel room also has a closet hiding a secret entrance to the basement right beneath. She gets her bodyguard to acquire the blueprints of Radley, eavesdrops on the pretty little liars at the spa. Sarah is just everywhere and is clearly not the physically disabled girl with the burnt hand that she pretends to be.

Going by her actions till now, she has been stalking the pretty little liars for a long time and has picked up many skills during her apprenticeship under Charlotte, the original 'A'. It would only make sense if Sarah Harvey turns out to be the Uber 'A' who took up the mantel after Charlotte's murder.

Or None Of The Above?

Having said that, Sarah Harvey as Uber 'A' would be just too predictable. Pretty Little Liars is known for its twists in characters and therefore might reveal someone really unlikely to be the Uber 'A', or someone who could be too likely and yet forgotten.

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