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Sunday, 10 April 2016

Pretty Little Liars Season 6B - Psycho Returns After Time Jump!!

What, you thought that five years will get rid of the psycho!! I'm back bitch!!

Pretty Little Liars just concluded its Season 6 with a shocking finale this March. The first half of the series reveals the identity of the deadly psychotic stalker 'A' who had terrorized the four girls for five years. The second half sees a five year time jump where each of the pretty little liars have settled down apart from each other. Life seems to be going happy and terror free for the girls, until each of them receive a letter from Alison, requesting them to provide testimony for Charlotte's release from the mental institution.

The Time Jump

Hanna is an assistant to a famous New Yorker fashion designer and is engaged to her rich and handsome boyfriend Jordan. Aria works for a big publishing house, while having a relatively happy but secret relationship with her boyfriend and co-worker Liam. Spencer works at a high-profile lobbying house and is an active campaigner for her mother who is running for state senator. Emily is struggling with her life and is resorting to deadly measures to keep her finances afloat. Meanwhile, Alison teaches at Rosewood High School, supporting her recovering sister Charlotte and shares a close bond with her therapist Dr. Elliot Rollins.

Our psycho tormentor is about to be released from prison, what testimony do we give? Now, that's a big dilemma!!

New Reign of Terror in Rosewood

The girls return to Rosewood only for a few days to answer their friend Alison's call for help. However, few days become few months as one more horrific murder takes place in Rosewood and all hell breaks loose. Uber A enters their life, starting a fresh reign of terror. Charlotte is found dead at the bottom of the bell tower, and as the cops investigate what looks like a violent murder, the pretty little liars once again become suspects with a potential motive to kill their ex-tormentor.

Meanwhile, old habits die hard as the little liars, who are no longer so little, go down a dangerous path to track down their new terror. But Uber A is always one step ahead of them. Alison falls down a flight of stairs and survives the seeming accident by sheer luck, Aria gets burnt by an exploding fireplace at a party hosted by Hanna, a scandalous leak happens threatening to destroy Spencer's mother's political career, while Emily's freshly donated eggs get stolen from the hospital.

Relationships Ignite

As the pretty little liars try to battle Uber A, new relationships get formed and old lovers reunite. We get several heart twisting glimpses of the past.

After a bad break-up with Hanna, Caleb goes for his Europe backpack tour alone. On the trip, he meets Spencer and they spend several days together in Europe. Back in rosewood five years later, Spencer and Caleb reconnect and take their friendship to a different level. Aria's parents Ella and Baron get back together and get remarried, making Hanna set her own wedding date to Jordan. However, soon it becomes clear that she never stopped loving Caleb, making it unbearable for her to see her friend Spencer with Caleb. Things become more complicated when she reveals to Caleb about what really happened on the night of their break-up.

Back after five years, Aria runs into her ex-lover and ex-professor Ezra, a talented writer who had gone to South America with his new girlfriend Nicole, only to lose her to some native kidnappers. Back in Rosewood, the devastated man starts writing his own love story and fiery experience in South America, and his book contract gets taken up by Aria's publishing house. Seeing her ex-lover's tormented state, Aria decides to help him write the book, without realizing that their old passions will get reignited and that it will take only a second for her to switch from Liam into Ezra's arms.

Spencer enlists Toby's help to investigate the secret basement they discover under the newly renovated Radley Hotel, a place formerly hosting the infamous Radley Sanitarium. In the process, the two become close once again, but they don't get as lucky as Ezria or Haleb.

In the meantime, Alison's secret relationship with her sister's therapist Dr. Rollins is revealed. On one drunken night, Alison and Elliot Rollins decide to get married and all seems well for the happy couple, till Alison has her fall and starts imagining dead people due to effects of her drugs. Or are they really an imagination?
Loving husband and maniacal sister's psycho-therapist, Dr Elliot Rollins

The Deadly Finale

If you thought that the new 'A' was the only villain in Pretty Little Liar Season 6B, you are dead wrong. There is not one but two other villains who are hell-bent on destroying Alison and anyone who tries to protect her.

Soon it is revealed that Alison's hallucinations are no hallucinations at all! This is where we are introduced to Mary Drake, the identical twin sister of Jessica Dilaurentis and the real mother of Charlotte who was adopted by Jessica. Mary's plot to take over the Dilaurentis business is revealed as her partner in crime comes face to face with her - you guessed it, none other than Alison's husband Elliot Rolland. He loved Charlotte and married Alison only to put Mary's plan in motion. Of course, Elliot turning out to be a rogue is not a huge surprise, if we we recall that his sudden conference visit out of town coincided perfectly with the dead Wilden's appearance in Alison's hallucinations.

So you like the evil twin sister twist?

As Uber A continues to blackmail and manipulate the pretty little liars, Hanna comes up with a deadly plan to falsely confess to Charlotte's murder in order to lead their psycho stalker into a trap. Uber A takes the bait of course, as Caleb and Ezra prepare to set up the traps along with the girls. However, the mega-plan goes haywire as Uber A is too clever for all of them and kidnaps Hanna from right in the middle of a secure perimeter.

The finale ends with a jaw dropping scene with Hanna getting dragged through the dust, in (a)typical way, courtesy to Uber A. Pretty Little Liars Season 6 ends with the biggest question of the series - has the show really killed off one of its main characters? From history, we know that the series has a track record of making people return from the dead, with Alison being the perfect example. So there is some hope that maybe Hanna is still alive and only immobilised 'A' style.

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