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Monday, 28 December 2015

Scream Queens (2015)

Scream Queens is a horror-cum-black-comedy on Fox that satirizes all high-school slasher movies and TV series. It is a comic take on the numerous teenage slasher movies and TV series that have done the rounds, and cleverly monetizes on the various hilariously ridiculous clich├ęs that make up almost all such movies and TV series.

Twenty years back, a pledge at Kappa Kappa Tau sorority house died during a house party, due to sheer negligence and insensitivity of her sorority sisters. Twenty years later, the same sorority house is ruled by Chanel Oberlin, a stereo-typical rich, bitchy, spoilt high-school girl who treats her sorority sisters like crap and considers Kappa Kappa Tau only as a means to help her hook a rich husband like Chad Radwell, another rich, spoilt, insensitive high-school boy and leader of the Dickie Dollar Scholars fraternity house.

Chanel Oberlin with her minions, trying to summon a dead sister's ghost

When the Wallace University dean Cathy Munsch, played by Jamie Lee Curtis, mandates that Kappa Kappa Tau should be made open to all girls who wish to take pledge and not just the elite rich kids, all hell breaks loose as a serial killer in a Red Devil costume starts killing the Kappa sisters and pledges one by one, along with any fraternity boy who tries to sleep with the sisters or pledges.

Dean Munsch - bad-ass sexy seductress or killer?

Grace Gardner, a smart and down-to-earth girl whose mother had been a sister in the same sorority house twenty years ago, tries to investigate the murders, while trying to find out her mother's history as she teams up with the school newspaper reporter Pete Martinez. Meanwhile, Grace's dad Wes Gardner who is a teacher gets worried about his daughter's safety and takes up a teaching position at the school, to keep a watch on Grace. As Grace and Pete chase down leads, soon two Red Devil killers are spotted at the same time. As the killers become more and more relentless, every person becomes a prime suspect in the eyes of everyone else, not knowing if they are the next target of the Red Devil killer.

Grace with her boyfriend  Pete and dad Wes - in the killer's den

Scream Queen is filled with humour and satire at how the school authorities and the police handle the series of serial killing incidents, and make a hilarious mockery out of such horror-cum-killer shows. Chanel Oberlin, played by Emma Roberts, has done a wonderful job in pulling off the super-bitchy and evil sorority president's role, while stealing the show with some of the best sarcastic quotes.

Jamie Lee Curtis is, of course, brilliant as the scheming and heartless Dean Munsch who has a dark past of her own and an equally dark and remorseless present. She is the bad-ass principal who always gets her way, has no qualms making advances towards parents of students, while sleeping with students as well as the useless detective investigating the murders. Not to forget Denise Hemphill, the over-talkative and outrageously inefficient head of the security services who goofs up at every turn, misses every major clue while digging out the most trivial facts and finally becomes the head of the police department - she will literally have you rolling on the floor with her colossal goof-ups.

Scream Queen is highly entertaining, if you can look beyond the racial and homosexual humour, and the usual gore that is common to any slasher show. It gives both fun and suspense to watch as the mystery unfolds and the identity of the Red Devil killers are revealed.

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