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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Lila and Eve (2015) - Vigilante Thriller

Lila and Eve is one of the latest revenge thrillers of 2015 that sees two mothers teaming up together to avenge the meaningless killing of their teenage children. Starring Viola Davis as Lila Walcott and Jennifer Lopez as Eve Rafael, the movie portrays how anger and desperation at the ineffectiveness of the legal system can drive two ordinary peace-loving women to embark on the dangerous path of vigilante justice.

When Lila Walcott's teenage son is mercilessly shot down on the street simply because he was at the wrong place at the wrong time, the grief-stricken Lila starts visiting a support group in the hope of finding solace. It is where she meets Eve Rafael, an aloof woman who seems to be the only person in the group to believe that talking and listening cannot fix anything. As Lila repeatedly visits the police station and keeps experiencing police inaction because her dead son is yet another common case of a drive-by shooting, she realizes that Eve is right - that no law or support group can ever give her peace. The only way to find peace is to take matters into their own hands and punish those who killed their loved ones.

In an effort to track down a drug pedlar who they suspected might know something more about the shooting, Lila and Eve follow the guy to his night shift and confront him with a gun. The goon, however, threatens the women and Eve ends up firing the gun, killing the man. Panic-stricken at the turn of events, Lila and Eve flee the scene, before which Eve manages to steal the man's cellphone and wallet. They discover more leads from the dead man's phone and try to confront two other drug dealers in the hope of discovering more information. Once again, things go awry and this time, Lila shoots down both of them before they can hurt the women. As Lila's confidence grows, she and Eve follow the deadly trail, taking down enemies one after another.

In the meantime, the two police officers investigating Lila's son's murder, Holliston and Skaketti, get assigned to investigate the vigilante shootings. While Skaketti is more than willing to rule them as drug related shootings, Holliston starts suspecting that there is a more personal angle to the killings. He realizes that the events had started only after Lila's son got murdered. He finally connects the dots and decides to bring Lila in for questioning.

The remaining part of the movie decides the fate of Lila and Eve. Does Lila manage to get away with the murders she perpetrated? Is it really Eve who provokes Lila down the vigilante path? Or did Lila have it in her all along? What happens to her connection with Eve, the woman who helped her do the impossible - kill a series of dangerous criminals while the legal system remained clueless.


  • Viola Davis has done an outstanding job portraying the distraught mother who is desperate to find closure. Jennifer Lopez has enacted her role with the right amount of indifference and cynicism.
  • The plot may not have been hugely unique, but it manages to stay out of the cliché category, simply because all the scenes are gritty and real, without any over-the-top routines typical of a vigilante movie.
  • The pace of the movie is fast enough to keep you engaged and interested. 
  • The movie has a good twist at the end, though if you had followed certain things closely, you might have had a vague suspicion about it.
  • There are no unnecessary or ridiculous events forced into the story just to make the main protagonists win. The plot remains as real as a fast paced thriller will allow.
  • Overall, the movie is quite decent and definitely worthy for a one-time watch. It definitely deserves a 6.5 or 7 out of 10.

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