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Thursday, 22 October 2015

The Big Bang Theory - Season 9 Surprises

For all Big Bang Theory fans out there, you must be already aware that the hit TV comedy has started its Season 9. 

The Season 8 finale had left the audience gaping - Leonard made an awkward and highly ill-timed confession to Penny en-route to their impromptu Las Vegas wedding, while Amy dumped Sheldon over video-chat after feeling that their relationship of several years was going nowhere, not knowing that Sheldon had made plans to propose to her.

Well, here is how things finally turn out in Season 9, at least in the first few episodes. SPOILER ALERT from here on!!!!

Leonard and Penny finally go through with their wedding at Las Vegas. However, Penny gets upset that Leonard choose their wedding day to confess to kissing another woman during their brief breakup. She could not help but think that he was trying to sabotage the wedding.

Sheldon stalks Amy on the pretext of returning the gifts she had presented him over the years and steals Penny's undergarment to make Amy jealous. He follows her to Howard and Bernadette's house, where the whole group is about to watch Leonard-Penny's live wedding video from Las Vegas. After a lot of nagging and insults from Sheldon, Amy can take it no more and declares that she will never get back with him again.

After the wedding, Penny confronts Leonard about his true intentions, and he then reveals the worst part of his secret, that the woman he had kissed, Mandy, is his colleague at the university. Penny get furious that Leonard sees this woman every day and yet hid the fact from her, forcing her into a future full of insecurity about her husband. Though Leonard tries to assure her that it is a one-time thing, Penny is unable to digest that someone as desirable and attractive as her would be forced to be feel worried and insecure about someone as plain and geeky as Leonard.

The beginning of Season 9 leaves us wondering if Leonard's spur-of-the-moment wedding would be as short-lived as many other Las Vegas weddings. The usually quirky Sheldon comes up with a wise solution that Leonard should make Penny meet Mandy to eliminate her fears. The next day, Leonard goes and talks to Mandy about his messed up wedding, much to her surprise and discomfort that a random guy she had a fling with would expose such personal information. Mandy points out that Leonard was clearly trying to sabotage his relationship, which makes Leonard run back to Penny and apologize while admitting that a part of him always felt that he was not good enough for Penny. The two make up and all is well.

Raj and Howard try to come up with their long desired music band. Everything goes well until Raj plays their first composition to his girlfriend Emily who tells him that a song should have something to dance to. Raj tries to convey this to Howard, but Howard gets mad that Raj is simply acting like a wimp to his girlfriend. They perform at Stuart's comic store in front of an audience, but even Stuart wants something to groove to. We never hear of Raj and Howard's band after this.

Meanwhile, Sheldon does not stop his tricks to get Amy back together with him. Mad at his failure, he records his online podcast of Fun with Flags where he keeps making insulting references to Amy and how horrible women are. He throws a huge tantrum when he learns that Leonard will move in across the hall with Penny. Refusing to see what is normal, he feels that Leonard is abandoning him too and starts searching for a new room-mate. He even tries to coax Amy to move in with him, of course to be turned down immediately. Finally, he vacates all the furniture from his drawing room, taking it back to how it was before he met Leonard. Seeing this, both Penny and Leonard feel really bad for him and his intense feeling of abandonment. They declare that they will take turns sleeping at both the apartments, much to Sheldon's relief.

In the meantime, Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj takes up fencing class at the university, where their coach Kripkey is happy to learn about Sheldon's breakup and shows interest in Amy. Sheldon gets mad at him and challenges him to a duel three years in the future. Later, Sheldon tries to pick a date at a sports bar, following the popular belief that dating someone else would help him move on from Amy. He fails miserably of course and later runs into Amy at the his building staircase, where he reveals that Kripkey had shown interest in her. Amy discloses that she had turned him down but learns about Sheldon's attempts to move on, making her doubt her own actions.

Season 9 has seen 5 episodes so far. The question remains as to whether Sheldon and Amy will manage to get back or will they continue to be miserable while trying to move on. We see Stuart, the highly weird and creepy comic store owner become a regular appearance on the show, with him appearing in at least 2 to 3 scenes in every episode, since he has been living at Howard's mom's house for a long time now.

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