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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Finale Reveals the Identity of Psycho 'A'

The Season 6 finale of Pretty Little Liars has finally disclosed the identity of its deadly psychopathic stalker 'A' who terrorized the four high-school friends Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna.

For 5 whole seasons, the popular psycho thriller on TV projected several suspects for the psycho 'A', some of whom were even arrested and convicted by law, until something nasty occurred each time to prove that the real culprit was still at large.

The Continuous Teaser - Who is 'A'?

The biggest suspect for 'A' was Mona Vanderwal, who admitted in Season 2 finale that she was playing the 'A' game because she hated Alison, after getting caught red-handed by the four friends. She confessed to hitting Bethany Young on the head, mistaking her for Alison, because both had the same blond hair and wore the same yellow top. For quite a long time, Alison DiLaurentis herself was suspected to be 'A' until the last season.

However, in Season 3, someone stole the 'A' game from Mona after she got admitted to Radley. The person who stole the game was the original 'A' who had actually hit Alison on the head on the same night as Bethany's murder, while Alison's mother Jessica watched through the window.

Later, Alison recalls to her four friends that she tried to call out to her mother Jessica, as she buried her thinking that she was dead. Alison also remembered that Jessica was in a complete frenzy and kept crying "what have you done? what have you done?" to a second person present there.

This second person was obviously the Big 'A' who had hit Alison on the head. This made one thing clear, that Big 'A' was well known to Jessica DiLaurentis, possibly even a family member or a secret child, There was no other explanation why Jessica would protect him or her in spite of murdering her daughter Alison,

Who is 'A' Really?

Who is the Big 'A' then? Wait for it, it is Cece Drake aka Charles DiLaurentis, also known as Charlotte DiLaurentis. That's right, they are all the same people!! Okay, you can gather your jaws from the floor now.

Cece Drake aka Charlotte (Charles) - the queen of disguises
While Cece Drake had always been a shady character trusted by nobody other than Alison herself, when we think of the athletic and ruthless psychopath who can jump between two New York buildings, Cece is hardly our first choice to come to mind, or second or third choice for that matter.

Red Coat - A's Ally or Enemy?

Throughout several seasons, we see Red Coat, a masked blonde woman prowling around in a red coat, and present in several crucial incidents that affected the four friends, including the night they and Mona almost got burnt alive in an abandoned house.

For a brief period, we did believe that Red Coat was A's accomplice, a theory which was disproved when the girls discovered Vivian Darkbloom, a fake identity used by Alison while she was being presumed dead. Alison later admitted to pulling out the girls to save them from the fire. So, we assumed that Red Coat was actually Alison, but it was not. 

Red Coat turned out to be Sara Harvey, the fifth girl who was found imprisoned in A's lair. Sara was not A's victim, rather she was A's ally who even managed to get close to Emily, thus keeping a tab on the movements of the four friends.

Cece Drake's First Appearance

When Cece Drake made her first appearance in Season 3, she claimed to be a close friend to Alison. They had met during the summer vacation and she seemed to know all about the four girls. In fact she knew a little too much. 

Cece Drake's first appearance in Pretty Little Liars
Remember her telling Hanna to visit her boutique and that she would be happy to turn the other way? Cece was referring to Hanna's newly developed shop-lifting habit, something that Cece could not have learnt from Alison, because Hanna's habit developed after Alison's disappearance. Of course, this trivial comment from Cece didn't strike very odd, certainly not enough to make her an 'A' suspect.

Cece Drake's Real History - Charles to Cece to 'A'

Let us come back to how Cece and Charles DiLaurentis are the same people. Charles was the eldest son of Jessica DiLaurentis, who loved dressing up as a girl, and in fact "wanted" to be a girl rather than a boy. Jessica's husband Kenneth hated the fact that his son had transsexual tendencies.

Jessica with her kids Alison, Jason and Charles
One afternoon, Charles tried to give bath to baby Alison in an effort to calm her down as she was crying. Kenneth walked in and mistook it for Charles trying to drown Alison. Citing this incident, Kenneth got Charles admitted to Radley where he spent a few years. 

Cece aka Charlotte (Charles) revealing all to her sister Alison
Throughout those years, Kenneth did not visit Charles even once. However, Jessica would visit him as often as she could and would even get him the same dresses that she got for Alison.

How Bethany Young Fit The Picture

It was at Radley where Charles became friends with Bethany Young, another patient. One night on the terrace, Charles was showing off his new dress to Bethany when Toby's mother Marion Cavanaugh walked in. Scared that she might see him wearing a girl's dress, Charles hid from her while Bethany assured him that she would handle it. On the pretext of talking to Mrs. Cavanaugh, Bethany pushed her from the terrace. When Charles gasped in shock "why did you push her?", Bethany turned on him and screamed that he had pushed her.

Due to Bethany's lies and betrayal, Charles was diagnosed with explosive personality disorder, something that she was suffering from. After few years, Jessica who was on the board of Radley, managed to get Charles aka Charlotte the permission to attend classes at the university. Note that at this time, Charles is shown to be a "girl". Whether Charles underwent a sex-change surgery is yet to be revealed.

The Night of Alison's Disappearance

On the night of Alison's disappearance, Bethany stole Charles's yellow top, identical to what Alison had been on the same night, and escaped Radley pretending to be Charlotte. Scared that she might try to harm his mother Jessica, who Bethany knew was having an affair with her father, Charlotte followed who she thought to be Bethany into the DiLaurentis yard and hit her on the head, not realizing that it was actually Alison.

Agonized and desperate, Jessica did not want to lose both her children on the same night. So she buried Alison, not realizing that she was still alive, and bribed Officer Wilden to smuggle Charlotte out of Rosewood and faked Charles aka Charlotte's death.

Not far from there, near Spencer's backyard, Mona followed Bethany, mistaking her to be Alison and in a moment of impulsive anger, hit her on the head and left her for dead. Spencer's sister Melissa, who earlier witnessed Spencer's fight with Alison and later saw Spencer following Alison with a spade, finds Bethany's body, mistakes her to be Alison and thinks that Spencer killed her. Trying to protect her sister, Melissa buries Bethany, not knowing that she was still alive. Melissa continued to believe that Spencer had attacked Alison under the influence of drugs and she had unknowingly buried Alison alive in an attempt to save her sister.

Charles Makes His Comeback as Cece and 'A'

Charlotte completes her studies at the university and comes back to Rosewood as Cece Drake where she befriends Alison and starts dating her brother Jason, much to Jessica's shock. Even Kenneth takes a liking to Cece as his son's girlfriend. Twisted as it may sound, it is somewhat hilarious that Jason was actually dating the female version of his own brother.

Thus starts the transformation of a psychologically damaged, abandoned child to a qualified and intelligent woman who manages to survive and thrive, with the sole purpose of reuniting with her family.

This somewhat explains why Cece had killed Officer Wilden, an incident witnessed by Travis whose testimony saved Hanna's mother Ashley from the false accusation of Wilden's murder. At the time, we knew that Cece had a fight with Wilden before shooting him. Now, it all added up, Cece wanted to silence the only person who knew her true identity, probably because Wilden started blackmailing her, not surprising for someone of his character.

Cece Drake explained to Alison in the Season 6 finale that she always thought that the four girls hated Alison and were happy that she was gone. That is why Cece became 'A' and targeted Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna, to punish them for their betrayal, all the while trying to unravel Alison's true whereabouts by stalking the girls.

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