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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Latest Emerging Villain on Gotham (2014) - The Riddler

Edward Nygma is the socially awkward, puzzle-loving, crime-scene expert who has appeared in most of the episodes of Gotham Season 1 and has an interesting sub-plot of his own.

The only thing he loves more than his riddles is the submissive, bespectacled records-girl Miss Kristen Kringle and his incessant desire to confront people with riddles.

Cupcake with a bullet lodged it - you think it is funny, Mr. Nygma?
Most people try to avoid him because of his weird and creepy behaviour, including Miss Kringle who is aware of his affections but chooses to treat him like dirt. Detective Jim Gordon is the only guy who sees the spark in him and treats him with the slightest respect.

Edward Nygma's character in Gotham turns from annoying to interesting overnight, when he discovers that Miss Kringle is getting physically abused by her chauvinistic bully of a boyfriend, another police officer in the precinct named Tom Dougherty.

Stalking outside Miss Kringle's house
He spies outside her house and catches the drunken Tom walking towards her house. Tom, being the typical jack-ass, punches him. Angered and impulsive, Nygma stabs him repeatedly. Both shocked and thrilled at his own action, he starts laughing hysterically, while the big bully lies at his feet.

With the calmness of Dexter Morgan, our Riddler rolls two large suitcases into the police precinct. No prizes for guessing what is inside those suitcases. He expertly eliminates all evidence of his crime by pouring strong alkali onto the body parts, a scene that will remind you of Walter White from Breaking Bad.

Worried that Miss Kringle might go looking for her boyfriend, he even types a fake letter from Tom saying that he has moved on and she should find someone fit for herself. However, Nygma being Nygma, he simply cannot resist leaving a crucial clue in the letter - the first word of every sentence spells out his name, something that Miss Kringle is quick to discover.

Will Nygma and Miss Kringle Ever Be Together?

It is quite obvious that Nygma and Miss Kringle are meant to be together, both have the same nerdy look, right down to their glasses. She is even seen to be flirty and nice to him on rare occasions. Other times, she calls him weird and jokes about him behind his back.

She loves me, she loves me not.
In spite of all the mixed signals, she does confide in Nygma each time she realizes her bad choice in men. Let's face it, Miss Kringle does have an exceptionally terrible choice in men. She picks the most two most psychotic cops in Gotham City Police Department - first it is the corrupt, drug-dealing cop named Arnold Flass, and then Tom Dougherty.
  • It will be interesting to watch if Kringle will ever truly figure him out?
  • What will she do when she learns of his split personality?
  • As a woman constantly attracted to bad boys, will she finally fall for him?
These are questions only Gotham Season 2 can answer. Now that Edward Nygma has found his calling, we look forward to seeing more of the young Riddler and how he becomes what he becomes.

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