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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Gotham (2014) - Most Awaited Villains of Season 2

1. Penguin, Oswald Cobblepot - The New King of Gotham?

Penguin was the most intriguing and psychotic villain of Season 1. He started off as the awkward umbrella boy to Fish Mooney, the dangerous and powerful night-club owner in Gotham. With each episode, Penguin exposed more and more of his brilliant treachery, pitting all the other villains against one another, finally rising as the King of Gotham City.

I am the King of Gotham!
His relationship with the main protagonist Detective Jim Gordon develops well. He helps Jim Gordon on various occasions, but his help always comes with a price. At the end of Season 1, the detective owes him two favours to be redeemed in future.

Season 2 is expected to bring us more of Penguin. It will be interesting to watch how he rules Gotham City, now that all the other villains are either dead or retired. The big question is whether he and Jim Gordon will be able to operate as friends, or whether the we will witness the two most unlikely and quirky friends to turn into foes?

2. Fish Mooney - Will She Rise Again?

If there is one thing Gotham has taught us, it is that Fish Mooney can never die. She always manages to come back.

She played a dangerous game with Don Falcone, got caught and yet escaped from his clutches. She fled Gotham, got captured by the Doll Maker who harvested human organs, killed her way to become the leader of the prisoners, managed to gain the Doll Maker's trust and then pulled off her most brilliant escape plan from the high-security prison island, while having a bullet lodged in her belly.

The most stylish lady villain

Back in Gotham, Fish Mooney once again gathered her people, finished off Don Maroni, chased off Don Falcone, only to be shot by her ex-henchman Butch and then thrown into the sea. But going by history, it is difficult to believe that she is truly gone. Chances are that she will rise again like the phoenix, as always.

If Fish Mooney really comes back, it will be thrilling to watch what she has for her arch-nemesis and worst betrayer Penguin.

3. The Riddler - Edward Nygma

The quirky and socially awkward crime-scene investigator Edward Nygma of Gotham City Police Department has already shown his spilt personality. He commits his first murder when he angrily kills his beloved colleague Miss Kringle's abusive boyfriend Officer Tom Dougherty.

Edward Nygma feels no remorse for the murder and even writes a fake letter to Miss Kringle, pretending to be Tom, so that she does not go looking for him. One more psychopath in the making, his love for riddles undoubtedly makes him The Riddler.

Riddle me this!

Season 2 is expected to show us more of The Riddler, and whether he will finally be able to win the affections of his dear Miss Kringle.

Glimpses of Two Other Villains

Season 1 shows us one-episode glimpses of two other villains - the Joker, my favourite psychopath among all Batman villains, and the Scarecrow.

4. The Joker

Jerome from the circus is brought in for questioning by Detective Jim Gordon when his mother is found murdered on a cart. His intense love for his mother is moving, until it turns out that he loved his mother a little too much.

Jerome, the future Joker
When confronted by Jim, the innocent teenager turns into a menacing maniac, giving out an unsettling, blood curdling laugh. Based on his body language, and more importantly, his laugh, it is highly possible that this boy is the future Joker.

5. Scarecrow 

Jonathan Crane is dead scared of scarecrows. His father and biology professor Dr. Crane suffers from perpetual guilt for not being able to save his wife in a house fire, simply because he was afraid of fire.

The tormented man comes up with a drug that can cure people of fear forever. He is shot down by Jim and Harvey, hot on his trail, but not before injecting a full dose into his son. The drug, however, has a reverse effect on Jonathan. Instead of curing him of his fear, it causes constant hallucinations of what he fears most - a scarecrow looming over him. 

It is complete psychological hell for this teenager, where all he sees is his worst fear, every minute of his waking hours. Jonathan induces a lot of pity and we want to see him freed from his misery. The question is, who will rescue him, and what will Jonathan become at the end of the ordeal?

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