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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Gotham (2014) - Journey of Batman Begins With Bat Cave

First Glimpse of the Bat Cave

The finale of Gotham Season 1 on FOX shows the young Bruce Wayne fervently rustling through the books in his father's library in the hope of finding crucial clues about his parent's murder and its possible connection to the businesses conducted by Wayne Enterprises.

Days after ransacking the library, Bruce finally comes upon a book with a remote control hidden inside it. When he presses the button, the record starts playing loud orchestra music, and the wall behind the fire-place slides away, revealing a secret passage leading to a dark and huge underground cave. As the awe-stricken Bruce and Alfred make their way down the steps into the underground cave, the viewers are rewarded with the very first glimpse of the legendary Bat Cave.

While Gotham has managed to be awesome even without the presence of Batman, Gotham City is, after all, the hallmark of Batman. I really appreciate the fact that the makers of Gotham have not made the viewers wait too long for the Bat Cave, the starting point of Batman's evolution.

The Journey of Batman Begins

Season 2 holds the promise of kick-starting the exciting and dark journey of how Bruce Wayne morphs from a tormented teenager into the adult-version of a deadly vigilante of the night, with the help of his trusted lieutenant and guardian Alfred.

We have already seen a dark side of Bruce on multiple occasions.
  • He admits to Alfred that he really enjoyed punching his school bully after turning up at his door. Causing pain to the the boy made him feel good.
Take that, sucker! Think about the punch the next time you bully someone  
  • When Selina aka Kat pushes Reggie out of the window after he threatens to rat out Bruce to Wayne Enterprises, Bruce is initially shocked at Selina's homicidal action. But he reconciles with it and even keeps it a secret from Alfred for a while, knowing in his heart that Reggie deserved what he got for his vicious betrayal towards Alfred.
Selina and Bruce confronts Reggie
The emerging ruthlessness in Bruce Wayne's character makes complete sense, after all, this is exactly what we expect from Batman, the vigilante famous for his righteous executions. Some reviews have criticized this character development saying - if Bruce gets any crazier, he may end up in Arkham. I beg to differ - this character development is more than necessary for Bruce to become the Batman he is destined to become. Vigilantes are not made in a day, they evolve from the evils around them.

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