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Saturday, 16 May 2015

The Fall (2013) - BBC's Best Psycho Thriller

The Fall has completed 2 seasons on BBC and involves 2 primary characters:
  • Paul Spector, a soft-spoken, seemingly happy family man who works as a therapist in Belfast, who is a serial killer in reality and hunts down young professional women in their twenties and thirties, strangles them, bathes them and poses them like dolls. 
  • Stella Gibson, a gritty detective superintendent brought down from London by the Belfast police in order to catch the serial killer.
Who Will Hunt Whom?
This is one of the most dark and disturbing psycho thrillers I have seen, even though it does not have the usual gory violence that most serial killer series have.

The Hunter

Paul Spector, devoted father and psychopath
The killer in question, Paul Spector is played by Jamie Dornan of the Fifty Shades of Grey fame. He is a complete pervert who has no qualms about having an extra-marital affair with the 15-years old babysitter who throws herself at him.

The necrophiliac pleasure he gets out of washing his dead victims is truly disturbing, not surpassed by the horror of the fact that the same man is also a loving father to his baby daughter. Worse of all, he hides the trophies and mementos he collects from his victims in his baby girl's room, it is just too twisted.

The Hunter's Hunter

Stella Gibson, detective superintendent, 
Detective Stella Gibson is played by Gillian Anderson of the X-Files fame. She is not just a brilliant detective, but one hell of a woman as well. She is no stranger to the male chauvinism dominant in the police department, but knows how to handle her male boss and colleagues with calm firmness.

She gets what she wants and has no problem using her sensuality to lure men into one-night stands. When questioned by her boss, she brazenly points out his hypocrisy - how men treating woman like objects is considered perfectly fine, yet women treating men as objects is unacceptable. You will simply love her boldness.

The Evil Temptress

Katie Benedetto - don't under-estimate her just because she is a school-girl
The baby-sitter Katie Benedetto plays the role of an evil plotting teenager to perfection. She tries to seduce the much older Paul on various occasions, and when confronted by his wife, falsely accuses him of raping her. 

Later, she helps him cover up his crime by giving false alibis and destroying evidence, in the hopes of earning Paul's love. However, being the psychopath that he is, Paul merely exploits her passion for him and manipulate hers into becoming an accessory of his crimes. In a way, she gets what she deserves.

The Tormented Wife

Sally Ann Spector - thought her husband is a cheater and rapist, boy was she wrong!!
The most hapless and tormented soul in the TV show is Sally Ann Spector, Paul's wife who is completely oblivious to her husband's double life. When she starts suspecting his whereabouts on the nights of the crime, Paul lies to her about having an affair with Katie to come up with a false alibi. 

Sally is devastated that her husband cheated on her with a teenager, on top of that she discovers her own pregnancy and does know whether to keep the baby of a lying, cheating husband. Later, however, Paul is able to coax Sally to return to him. But their reunion doesn't last for long, when she discovers that Paul has committed far worse sins than adultery and statutory rape.


This TV show is worth a watch if you like a gritty psycho thriller. In spite of the fact that we know of the killer's identity from the very beginning, the show will keep you hooked purely on the sheer evil and atrocity that humans are capable of. The twisted nature of Paul and Katie's relationship is also very interesting.

Season 2 ends with Paul Spector getting captured by Stella Gibson and her team. However, the season 2 finale ends with a sudden twist. The psycho thriller has been renewed for Season 3. I would rate this show 9 out of 10.

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