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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Pretty Little Liars (2010)

Do you love mind games? Then you just cannot miss Pretty Little Liars. The TV show started on ABC in 2010 and is currently running Season 4.

Don't get misled by the name. This TV show is so much more than the usual chick-flick. It is a never-ending saga of blackmail, treachery and murder.

The story revolves around 4 teenage friends who reunite a year after their group leader Alison goes missing. Alison's body is discovered and then starts the terror. A mysterious character who calls himself 'A' starts stalking and blackmailing the 4 girls. The friends struggle to uncover the identity of the blackmailer but 'A' is always a few steps ahead.

The best part of the show is that every time we think we are certain of A's identity, a twist is waiting around the corner. The characters develop well, each having their own dark secret, which 'A' does not fail to exploit. Every episode ends with sneak peek at A's next move, which keeps you waiting for the next episode.

There have been numerous suspects throughout all the seasons as to who the treacherous 'A' might be. Are you wondering who might 'A' be? These are the list of characters suspected to be 'A' throughout the seasons.

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