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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (2014)

This is a fantasy TV series started by ABC in 2014 and is based on Alice in Wonderland. If you like ABC's other fantasy TV series Once Upon A Time, you would enjoy this one as well.

Alice is a daredevil who pairs up with an unwilling ally, Will Scarlett, also known as the Knave of Hearts in order to track down her genie-lover Cyrus.

The genie has been imprisoned by an evil sorcerer called Jafar, a classic villain who smiles and plots. Jafar in turn has teamed up with the Red Queen who's has an agenda of her own. Every episode unveils a twist and we get to know a dark secret about one of the characters.

However ABC did not renew the show after Season 1. The show had quite a potential and was much more interesting than the book itself. Recent news suggests that this show might be merged into ABC's super-hit fantasy TV series Once Upon A Time, which is currently running Season 4. This season sees the introduction of the Will Scarlett, the Knave of Hearts, who used to be one of Robin Hood's merry men and now lives the life of a petty thief with a drinking problem. It is yet to be seen how the other characters of Once Upon A Time In Wonderland will be absorbed into Once Upon A Time. I definitely hope that Jafar the evil sorcerer will be one of them.

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