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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Horrible Bosses 2 (2014)

Horrible Bosses 2 is a comedy movie released in June 2014. This is a sequel to Horrible Bosses, and the story follows the 3 friends - Nick, Kurt and Dale - who are trying to start their own business so that they escape their enslaved lives answering to their obnoxious bosses. 

The Plot

The trio manage to find a big-shot investor called Bert Hanson for their first huge deal, but the rogue investor decides to pull out at the last moment, leaving them bankrupt.

At the risk of their new company's foreclosure, Nick, Kurt and Dale come up with a reckless plan to kidnap Rex, the son of the investor and use the ransom money to save their company. They steal a cylinder of nitrous oxide from Dale's dentist ex-boss Julia's office - since an unconscious target makes the kidnapping easy.

However, the plan goes more awry than you can imagine. No surprises there as we are dealing with the modern day Dumb and Dumber (and Dumbest). The to-be-kidnapped son, Rex discovers them hiding in his closet. He reveals that his relationship with his father is not good and forces the trio to stage a fake kidnapping with a larger ransom amount, so that all of them can profit out of it.

The 4 of them come up with an elaborate plan to fake the abduction. The stage is all set, when they realize that Kurt has done a terrible goof-up. Meanwhile, Dale's ex-boss Julia had caught the 3 friends sneaking into her office on camera. She tracks them down to the hotel room from where they were monitoring the ransom pick-up, fully prepared to use the trio's break-in into her office as a leverage, in return for something she desires. Luckily, Dale manages to lock her in the hotel bathroom, and the 3 friends rush to the pick-up spot to collect the ransom from Bert Hansen.

Here comes a terrible twist in the plot. Rex shows his true colours, he commits a terrible felony and leaves the hapless trio at the crime scene. How the 3 friends dodge the cops and eventually manages to prove their innocence forms the last few minutes of the movie.

  • Chris Pine who plays Rex does a good job playing the crooked son of a crooked businessman.
  • The movie has a few hilarious moments. If you are not particularly averse to foul language or swear words, the movie is enjoyable for a light-hearted comedy.
  • The climax is quite clever and wraps up the movie neatly :)

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